Got Milk? (Tienes leche?)

I think I watched it somewhere in the news, on tv about people breast feeding in public. I didn't know that's it's a big deal over here in the US. I guess it's a cultural thing. In my five years living here, the only time I saw a mother breastfeeding her baby was at the mall. We were at the food court, there was amother with her baby seated next to our table. I was watching as she unfold a sheet to cover while she breast fed her baby. That was the only time I saw someone breast fed a baby in public.

It was very different in the Philippines where I grew up. It was a very natural thing for mothers to feed their babies even in the pressence of other people, they didn't even have to cover their breasts or anything. I recall about a few months ago when I was on vacation back home. My elder sister just had her baby. We were in their living room, when all of a sudden she just started breastfeeding her baby. The door was open and there were people, some guys hanging around because they have a small sari-sari store. When I saw her breast feeding in plain view where the people outside were able to see her, I almost said something but I just shut my mouth. Her father-in-law was sitting just opposite her, when she bared her breast and fed her baby. It was uneasy for me, but I didn't verbalize it because I realized, it's a natural thing for them. It was just me, I guess I got used to the American culture.
Growing up, I have seen lots and lots of women breast feeding in plain sight even my mom when she had my younger siblings. It was very natural, they didn't feel uneasy or that the people say anything about feeding their baby in public.

I remember that there was a party, a Filipino gathering that I went to.It hapenned that one of the ladies' was still feeding her daughter. She didn't breast fed in plain view of everybody, she asked the hostess if she could use their a room to breast fed. I just happen to walk in and saw her breast feeding but that wasn't a big deal with her. I was a bit embarrassed but I realized, what's the big deal, she was just feeding her baby.

I guess the practice of breastfeeding in public varies from place to place.Other people feel uneasy about it because the sight of sucking breast is associated with sex. And the idea of breast being exposed make some people uncomfortable. I haven't had a baby yet, and as I think about it, it makes me feel uneasy too due to my exposure to the culture. I remember growing up that I felt comfortable seeing mothers breastfeeding in plain sight while I chat with them. It was very natural at that time. No uneasy feeling, I saw mothers do that all the time even my mom while I was growing up when she had my younger siblings. But why is it that now, I seem to be uneasy thinking of myself breastfeeding in public?

I say this again, I don't have any children yet, so everything's in my head at this moment while I contemplate about motherhood. It's something that struck my curiousity. I have always thought and planned to breast feed when the time comes. I wonder if other women have thought about it even before they got pregnant. It's something that I want to learn more. They say that you'll know when you get there, but I still believe that learning things early is a great preparation. Of course when one gets there then they got to learn on first hand experience. But having an idea will prepare one what to expect, even if expectations can either be way harder or easier than it is thought to be.

I think it's great that there are classes that couples or pregnant women can attend to learn about pregnancy and pre-natal care and all that stuff. I think that attending to these classes boosts ones confidence when entering the motherhood phase of their lives. I believe the first experience is always the hardest and the scariest for a mother. And as they say pregnancy differs from one another, and so is the experience. Others may have harder times, others may have very easy experiences. Of course, everyone wishes to have that easier experience including me when the time comes.

To all of you who are one the way, goodluck as you all discover the pleasures of being a mother.

La frase del dia:

Tienes leche de vaca?- Got cow's milk?


Countless things to be greatful for

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without giving thanks, so THANK YOU!

For those wonderful mornings that I woke up feeling alive.

For the warm sunshine that splashes on my face whenever I open the door.

For the cool breeze that fills my being and fuels my whole body to keep me going each day.

For the wonderful people that surrounds me,their smiles, their greetings, their encouragements.

For the hugs and kisses that I get each day. For the love and care and fussy warm feelings wrapped in embraces.

For the tons of love I get everyday.

For the greattasting cups of coffee that I have sipped.

For the many chances that come my way. For allowing me to start as many beginnings as I could have.

For the wild colorful dreams that has filled my life with adventures and mysteries.

For the countless hopes that each new day delivers to my door step.

For the undesirable experiences too, that molded me to be a better person.

For the multitude of people that somehow taught me lessons for a lifetime.

For the many more days that yet to come with promises of new beginnings and millions of wonderful things to be hopeful for.

And for the long list that I'm not able to write simply because it goes on and on and it just doesn't fit the space and the screen.

Thank you for everything, it made my life more meaningful.

Thank you, Thank you.


Ink On Paper

I am fond of collecting cute notebooks. I must have had a bunch of them. It started when I was way back in school, I have kept small pocket size notebooks from adress book to journals, organizers. I have always been fond of scribbling plans and dates to remember. Sometimes I even write down how much expenses I do on a daily basis, or tally my monthly budget. Sometimesjust random thoughts, ideas, feelings, some doesn't make sense. Mostly at the back of each notebook I have lists of Authors, novels and books that I want to check out. If you see my desk and drawers you will find lots of notebooks. Some of them could have been filled with scribbles from years ago. Sometimes it's fun to read and remember what I was thinking a few years ago. A walk down memory lane. I am also a collector of "meaningful phrases" and quotations that I find amusing, interesting or simply clever or some phrases or words that touches my inner self.

Here are some that I found while rummaging through my old stuff:
Life as food:
Life can get as sour as a lemon
as pungent as a ginger, can get
as spicy as chili peppers and get as sweet as honey.
Life can be as bland as water.

This was something that I wrote and I know what I was thinking about at that time. Obviously it was food. I was comparing life with food, if we were to give life a taste, how would it taste like.
If you could, would you?
Since you couldn't maybe I would.
If I can't maybe I should.
Even if I can't and I wouldn't
and maybe shouldn't, maybe I'll try.

Obviously this is just a brain twister, just playing with words.....Could have, would have should have.....
Life doesn't always happen the way we imagine it.

I have come across this while reading a book by James Patterson, maybe. It's just so true that I had to write it down. A reminder maybe about realities of life. It doesn't always happen as we plan or imagine it, so we should be always ready for any detours and back up plans if what we have in mind doesn't work out. Imaginations are always, almost different compared to reality.
Your brain is more active sleeping than it is watching tv.

If this is true then should we spend more time sleeping than watching tv? I believe this is true because I have experienced weird hapennings through dreams that are beyond description. Some of my dreams feel and looks like those video games. You know,you feel you are there and yet you're not, and you can also see yourself on a screen. Sometimes in the dream world it doesn't make sense, the dimensions shift from almost reality, to dimensions unknown to the physical world. Anyway, I don't know if I am the only one who dreams in wild colors.

La frase del dia
Feliz dia de accion de gracias- Happy Thanksgiving!
Que le vaya bien- Have a nice day.


Piercing Cold

While leafing through the "CREATIVE LOAFING" I came across this small yellow box that says: "Steve's Words of Warning" and it says:


I have no idea what the means, perhaps it's just a silly box where people leave silly thoughts. Or it could mean something else. Maybe someone could help me out with this.


The season is I guess doing it's job. It's really getting colder now, when the wind blows it gets even colder. Sometimes the freezing cold can make it's way deep into the bones penetrating the bundle of clothes then the shivers start. The lips starts to turn purple or cracks.

Despite my oils and lotion rubs, the cold weather still has it's way of irritating my skin. The worst are the itchy and scratchy modes of my skin. I twist and turn and reach and scratch, imagine when it itches at the back where it's unreachable by your arm. It almost makes me mad at the same time feels like laughing. A bitter-sweet tug of war. Sometimes they say in Tagalog "nakakatuwang-nakakainis." There's hubby of course who is always ready for emergency scratchsectomy. For that, I love him to death. He could also be into the pimple popping business, but I am more into it than he is.

Times like these when the heater is on, the static electricity is always high. I'm sure you'll have had this popping sound when you touch something even people. Like there's electricity, a humidifier helps a lot with that. Sometimes, my nose gets so dry especially when the hearter is in full blast, then it hurts. Not very pleasant experience. Feels like there's soot in my nose. Some of the recommendations I have heard is to boil water,and just let the steam off. I do it sometimes, but when I get busy I sometimes forget about it until the pot gets dry. It's a fire hazzard, it helps to put on a timer though. It's still safer to use a humidifier, just make sure there's always enough water in it. That's why I always unplug it whenever we get out of the house. There was a fire by our neighborhood and it was caused by a plugged heater. The owner forgot to unplug it and they went to work.That evening, their place was on fire. So, it's always a precautionary habit to turn off electrical appliances before leaving. Something that Ialways emphasize hubby. Even if we go out for a short time. You never know something might come up and you forget that plugged appliance, it might cause fire. It's a habit that I have acquired over the years after burning the bottoms of several pots. So far, nothing really serious ever happenned. And I don't ever want anything bad to ever happenof course.


There are people that are affected by seasonal changes or weather changes. I am one of them. It doesn't hit me as hard though. We live in the South of the East Coast, so we don't really experience the harsh snows and dark skies. In fact I haven't even seen snow in my whole life. We are in the subtropical and yet I have a feel of what they call SAD( Seasonal Affective Disorder) and it fits it's name perfectly because when you have SAD you do feel really sad, you become so depressed. If I do have a faint experience of Seasonal Affective Disorder, how much more for the people in the North and South Pole where it get's really dark during the winter months.

If you are having this SAD, there's one thing that can help which is as effective as drugs from numerous studies for treating depression, exercise. I actually do exercise to relieve myself from ,yup, depression and as an outlet to release stress. It's always a personal commitment and individual style of working out.It varies from person to person. I didn't use to exercise, but when I started it, it really made me feel better. So, whenever you feel down, sweat it out you'll feel better and you'll also feel healthier. It would also help especially that the holidays are coming.

Talking about holidays, I wonder where else in the world celebrates Thanksgiving Day aside from US and Canada?


La frase del dia
(Spanish phrase of the day)

Dia del Pavo- Turkey Day
Dia de Accion de Gracias- Thanksgiving Day


Autumn in my mind

The pretty colors have turned brown, and the brown leaves have fallen on the ground.Piled on top of each other forming layers.

Dried leaves that has been blown, scattered on the grass, scattered everywhere on the ground on the side walks, on the streets.

And the rest of the dark leaves still hang on top of the branches, clinging.

But one by one, they fell. Soon, the trees get so naked, no blankets of leaves to cover them. All it's leaves just drop to the ground.

The evening blows with chill as the branches of the trees stretch their hands to the

The view that was once a kaleidoscope of colors, starting to fade,
the colors have fallen to the ground.

The leaves that have piled up will soon rot, decay into the earth and become part of the soil that will bring back nature to life in spring.

The leafless trees permitting the rays of lightsin the evenings, and so with dawn's sunrise.

Nature! so spectacular as it literally reinacts the wonders of the season.


La frase del dia
Spanish phrase of the day

La vida es hermosa
Life is beautiful

Here's Karen's tag,

Inaanyayahan ko ang bawat papasahan ko nito na maglathala ukol dito sa larawan sabihin ang nasa loob ng hanggang 50 salita walang lalampas pwedeng patula,pwedeng isang kasabihan,pwedeng patawa,pwede lahat pwera ang murahan....pag lumampas bahala ka...(Give an interpretation of the image not exceeding 50 words, may it be in a poem, a quotation,a joke, any interpretation, No cuzzing.)

The group of eggs were on their way home from a drinking spree. The egg at the middle said; " I feel like throwing up". The guy first egg on the right covered his nose, the next guy covered his eyes saying "I don't want to see this". The next guy said "Not here" holding his head in exasperation. The other guy just stared with furrowed brows. One said "ewwwwwwww!" and the last guy on the left just shrug his shoulder.
(I must have exceeded fifty words already)

Or in short, Don't cry over a spilled egg!

Those of who wants to tag themselves, go ahead.


Falling! Dead.

You Are Changing Leaves

Pretty, but soon dead.
What Part of Fall Are You?

Waaaaaaaaa, dead! What's pretty when dead. It's actually made me laugh. So, that's the part of fall I am. DEAD!

Somehow the test got it right, I'm so dead, barren of thoughts and exciting stuff. I feel like my spirit has left my physical body. You know, lifeless, unenthusiastic. Feels like someone has squeezed the life out of me. Right now I am trying to bring back the vibrance, and enthusiasm back. I guess the weather has something to do with it. And some other stuff.

Somebody, bring back the smile into my face.The sunshine into my sky. The stars under my sky. Can somebody rope the moon for me, please. If not maybe somebody can [sungkit], (can't think of an english translation for sungkitin) a star for me. Just one would be enough.

Ahhh, I'm sure it will pass. I guess these are just my cloudy days, foggy and unclear skies. I just need some sunshine in my life.



Having children or a baby for that matter is a big responsibility. It requires certain amount of time and effort and money, constant loving and caring and it's a role for life. I remember my mom asking me if we already have a baby, of course I expected she would ask that question. We have been married for atleast two years at that time. In the Philippines, it's almost like an expectation that husbands and wives would have kid/s even on the first year of marriage. It's almost automatic and is expected by excited grandparents. It's a tradition. So, being married for five years now I have been constantly asked when am I having a baby? And my constant reply, "One of these days." I almost feel their wondering stares even people I just met, or people I don't even know. Sometimes it's exhausting having to explain myself for the follow-up questions and unsolicited advices. Something like "you should have now while you are young, the older you get the harder for you to have kids." Of course I am well aware of my chances, but it's almost like an intrussion to me when people say that. I have my reasons, plus I think I am still young. I once encountered a Filipina at the grocery store. I was pushing my buggy down the isle when she looked and asked "Filipina na ka?" I said "yes" and then we started chatting. I was telling her we just moved to the area. And then she asked if I am married,I said yes. Then she asked how long have we been married, at that time we were on our fourth year of marriage. She continued, "Do you have kids?",I replied "No, wala pa." And then she said " Mag-anak ka na." I replied "Of course, one of these days." I mean I just met this lady and she's telling me I should have kids. When I told this coversation to my husband he said " She probably thinks you are married to an older guy." Good point. She probably presumed I am married to an older guy because she even asked if I am married to an American. In which I said "yes". I still don't understand what's the hurry. Being married for five years is too long not to have kids, probably to some people but to me it doesn't matter how long I am married. What matters is whether I am prepared to assume that role of being a mother. Of course I don't even bother explaining how we are saving up and waiting for that moment. But when people starts to question me for not having any kids yet. I feel pressured and even think "Do I look that old that they are saying I should have kids." I mean I don't mind family members and friends telling me that, but when a total stranger whom I met for the first time tells me that, I don't know what to say and think. It's almost invading my own privacy. I don't have to explain myself and tell that person that I am simply not ready yet. I am still young, my husband's just two years older than me. First of, I am glad that I am able to enjoy the privilege to choose and plan and decide for that moment that I want to get pregnant and have kids. A lot of women don't get the chance to do that because sometimes the moment just knocks them out and next thing they know they are pregnant and even if they are not ready yet, they got to assume the responsibility, and sometimes it's not their choice but there's no choice. Being ready is one thing, one has to be prepared physically, emotionally,psychologically and be committed it. And to be ready one has to take time. Even years of marriage isn't enough for someone to prepare for this life long role of becoming a mother. So, for those who got the courage to assume that role at a young or older age, I admire them. But for now, I am just trying to better myself in order to become a better mother and a parent in the future. And not jump into it, just because everybody is having a baby or because eager parents wants to have grand kids, or because it is the acceptable practice. I want to be able to plan as long as my internal clock isn't ticking yet. I understand the concerns of other people, but it's not always the case. I want to be able to do it on my own time when I finally gathered myself and say "Okey, I am not getting any younger, it is time." And that time hasn't arrived yet, so I just enjoy myself instead of chasing spoiled brats. Don't get me wrong I love kids, I have to really make sure I have grown up enough to have my own. So, for now, I'll just enjoy friends getting excited for their bundles of joy and maybe learn a little bit so that when I get there I would know what to do.


Talking about kids, I grew up taking care of my younger siblings and cousins. I remember as an older child, second to the eldest, we have to help take care of our younger siblings. I have four younger siblings. It was tough. I was a little girl and I was assigned tobe responsible and take care of my siblings. I learned to be a mother at a very young age when my parents would leave and we would be left at home. There was one time that I was left at home with my younger brother who was an infant at that time. My mom had an operation and I was assigned to baby sit. We were in my aunt's house because I had to take care of my cousins too. I was feeding my brother with his milk bottle, but when I set the bottle down on the table, my cousin who was very young at that time got it and sucked the nipple out. He tore the nipple of the milk bottle. I couldn't find any nipples around the house and my brother started crying. I tried to give him the milk with the big hole at the tip of the bottle, but he's too young, he has to suck it, not gulp it like adults do. I was too young, I didn't know what to do. He kept crying for hours, I was getting nervous but I can't leave the house. Hours past and I grew impatient and dread for my mom to come home.I don't know how long it took, but she and my aunt finally came home and I told her what happenned and I was almost mad. You know when you are young, you don't know what to do. Anyway, that's just one of my childhood tales that came to mind as I thought of the responsibilities a mother and a parent has to assume when they have children. A parent can get away for a moment from her children, but she is responsible twenty-four hours of her children no matter what. Atleast until they grow up and have their lives of their own. But even then, parents don't stop being parents then. It's a lifetime commitment.

Of course in the modern times, it is much easier that parents are able to leave their children to day care centers for them to be able to go to work. It is still a great risk putting that responsibility to the hands of other people. Even baby sitters are available, it's just a question of whom you can trust your bundle of joy.



I watched "Legally Blond II" for the second time. This time I wasn't really paying so much attention. I was on the computer at the same time I was listening to the movie. I stopped doing anything when the movie was towards the end because I wanted to listen to Elle's speech again. That's my favorite part of the entire movie because of the message that does apply to many of us. Our right to use our freedom of speech. To use our voice. A lot of us don't really use this freedom of speech that we rightfully have. It's not of course just running your mouth. It's about speaking up for ourselves. Getting involved. Many of us probably do not even register to voting areas during elections. It's one way of speaking up for ourselves. We shouldn't leave others to elect our leaders. That one vote might make a difference. Another way is getting involved to movements of a cause, it's one way of getting ourselves participate. There are lots of ways we could involve ourselves, one very common of course is by volunteer work.

Using our voice can also be practiced in our daily lives. You know how we often complain of some services in places like the restaurants, stores, even to the salons as in Elle's example in her speech, everywhere we go, we have the opportunity to be able to speak up and make a change in laws and regulations and improvements of services. I have seen places that has suggestion box, but do we bother to even make our suggestions.I have seen them in hotels. I bet a lot of us don't care and ignore them. But we do complain about things. I think that the best way to contribute in the changes in our community is by actively involving ourselves. Not just by being an outside critique. We should let our voice be heard, may it be a small voice, it might make a difference. I always admire people who are able to do that. Sometimes I am guilty of being an outside critique.



There was an episode on the "Simpson's" show where Homer was so angry but doesn't know how to express his anger, so he supresses it and everytime he does that a bump/swelling appears behind his neck. It is sometimes true in real life. If we suppress our bad emotions it can cause inner damage to ourselves through illnesses and sickness. Sometimes expressing yourself in the positive way can help avoid that heavy feeling we have. I'm sure you know what I am talking about, the feeling that feels like kicking/hitting/smashing somebody in the face. Anger of not being able to express ourselves. I have had a lot of these experiences, sometimes because I may be too nice and people take advantage of that opportunity. Sometimes we get so startled at the rudeness of other people that we remain speechless. Those bad feelings gets accumulated within us and we feel like exploding. I'm sure a lot of us experience this at home, work place, anywhere, really.

There was a guy that commented me for being all smiles and seems happy everytime he seesme. I said " I was just putting my work face." And he said "Yeah, when you get home you just kick your dog." It's really true for some people. You know at work we try be very nice and happy looking people, but when we get home we express our anger and stress to our love ones. Me and hubby calls this "unloading the baggage." Everyday we collect baggages, and we carry them on our shoulders. The more we accumulate the heavier they get. If we don't find a way to unload them, they sometimes make us miserable and vain people. It also make us sick physically and mentally and psychologically.

There are lots of ways of "unloading the burdens", people have different ways to unwind. A short walk, a few minutes of quiet moments, listenning to music, working out- sweating the bad energies out of the body, running, playing musical instruments. Having hobbies are good ways to recharge. Sometimes its just a concious effort to reset/refocusing your mind into the positive stuff. How do you unload your heavy loads? How do you vent the steam off?



When I recall my childhood, there are bits and pieces that I can recall clearly, some faded images and some parts I just see blank. I can clearly recall how I started to read novels. Growing up and going to school, nobody read me stories at bed time. My early years as a child were spent away from my parents. Me and my siblings had to stay with our aunt inorder to be closer to the schools we attended.

I recall that I was in the sixth grade when I notice my big sister reading a novel. It was out of curiousity and a challenge for me. I noticed that she was able to read up to 100 pages. I was sitting there watching and saying to myself "How does she do that?" The next day I went to our school library and borrowed a book. I started reading and I had to read the whole book. I never even talked or even asked my big sister about it. But I sat down and read. At first, after leafing through a few pages I almost wanted to just leave it and go out and play. You know how kids are, they love to play. But I stayed there and read. It might have taken me three days to finally finnish the book. After reading the entire book, it almost felt like a conquest for me. I was very proud of myself. I was saying to myself "See I can read a whole book too." Of course my big sister was ablivious about it. But I guess I was looking up to her as a role model and at the same time immitating what she does. You know how big sisters able to do things, and as a younger kid I was challenged without even telling her, " I can do that too." So that's how I started reading. I read books after books after that. In highschool, I remember borrowing books at the library, the "Nancy Drew" and the "Hardy Boys" were so popular at that time. I read almost the entire series. Even "Sweet Valley High" and in my junior and senior years I have been reading Sidney Sheldon's books, Sherlock Holms and etc. There were Filipino pocket books too, and I can also recall that there were comic stands. I used to swap reading material with friends. It was fun. I could have missed out some of the things that young people do like outings and stuff, but I learned the joy of reading, not only novels but variety of reading materials.

When I think about it, whether we like it or not, our younger siblings will look up to us, as their elders and as role models. So whatever we do sometimes our younger siblings maybe doing the same thing because they saw their (ate)elder sister or (kuya) older brother doing it whether it's good or bad. For my case it's a great thing.

To this day, reading is a part of my entertainment. Reading I think is important inorder to be informed and updated aside from televisions, CDs and other forms of media and exposures.


" Faith is acceptance of that which we imagine to be true, that which we cannot prove."
-The da Vinci Code-

After reading the Da vinci Code I was left with rushing hundred questions. I was staring at the last page trying to see maybe there's an inscripted ending to the story. It was a series of hunt from clues of anagrams, I enjoyed as the characters searched clues after clues but at the very end I was at lost. The novel ended but the puzzle just started for me, being born and raised as a Catholic. The novel, speak of, I would say some outragious claims about the Catholic Church, the contents of the bible and truths about Jesus himself and his relation to Mary Magdalene, who was described in the bible as a prostitute. It is of course a work of fiction, but it embodies, historical references that are contrary to the contents of the bible. I was totally intrigued. I was very curious as to what the controversy was that's why I wanted to read the book. Although I have watched the documentary on Discovery channel that tried to scientifically explain and seek the truth, thier findings didn't reach a definite conclusion. A lot of the origins of signs and symbols are really fascinating.

There was another show on TLC called "Da Vinci De classified" and according to the researches, these geeks found, a lot of the histrorical references in the "Da Vinci Code" aren't that accurate. And it's not so surprising, it's a work of fiction, so it doesn't have to be accurate. It's still a controversial book worldwide. I had to read it to see for myself what's the commotion all about.

There is one question though that poppped up in my head, you know Jesus being the teacher, the preacher at that time, wouldn't he have written something Himself?


After reading the Da Vinci code which I say was so intriguing I borrowed "Angels and Demons". It was a great read too. Very similar plot, but different stories. It was the coversation between the Camerlengo and Lt. Chartrand that I liked.

Camerlengo: terrible things happen in this world. Human tragedy seems life proof God could not possibly be both powerful and well-meaning. If He loves us and has the power to change our situation,He wouldn't prevent our pain, wouldn't He? Wouldn't He?

Lt. Chratrand: Was this one of those religious questions you just didn't ask?

Camerlengo: Well, if God loves us, and He can protect us, He would have to. It seems, He is either omnipotent and uncaring or benevolent and powerless to hep. Do you have children Lieutenant?

Lt. Chartrand: (Flushed) "No signore"

Camerlengo: Imagine you have an 8 year old son, would you love him?

Lt. Chartrand: "Of course."

: Would you let him skateboard?

Lt. Chartrand: Yeah, I guess. Sure, I'd let him skateboard.

Camerlengo: So, as this child's father, you would give him some basic, good advice and let him go off and make his own mistakes?

Lt. Chartrand: I wouldn't run behind him and moldycoddle him if that's what you mean.

Camerlengo: But what if he fell off and skinned his knee?

Lt. Chartrand: He would learn to be more careful.

Camerlengo: So, although you have the power to interfere and prevent your child's pain, you would choose to show your love by letting him learn his own lessons?

Lt. Chartrand: Of course, pain is part of growing up. It is how we learn.

Camerlengo: "Exactlty."

I'll just leave you'll the fun of finding out for yourself what hapenned if you decide to read the book. It was somewhat tragic ending. With Langdon as the star character and Vittoria who relentlessly chased a series of clues, people died in the process.

Behind Closed Doors

These guys are so funny.

Watch the video.

What jersey shirt do you think are they wearing?

They are so funny because they reflect how people act behind closed doors. How many times we imagine ourselves on a stage and perform just like our favorite singer? How many times do we mimic theeir moves, feel the rythm in our bones, dancing swaying being entranced by the moment of silliness and fun? How many times do we drown ourselves to the emotions of a song, feel it in our core? Music do have a way of touching the soul and a way of reaching into our very inner selves. Music is a great instrument to channel ones emotion, an expression of oneself. An expression of humor. Have fun!


Health Blabber

I found an interesting read about gray hair. And according to this article, having gray hair isn't that bad after all. Here is an excerpt from the article.

When your biological age reaches a certain threshold, your hair starts turning gray. This actually serves a social purpose, because gray hair signifies a degree of not just age, but wisdom and experience.

This is because the other members of the group tend to look upon someone with gray hair with a greater degree of respect. Gray hair signifies that you probably know what you're doing, that you're wiser, and that you have much more experience about the way the world works.

I was all smiles when someone where I used to work noticed my hair, obviously because he is taller he can see the top of my head, saw my white hair. He said " You are too young to have gray hair." I just looked at him and shrug and went on with what I was doing. Later on another co-worker was asking what my age was and I said "I'm old." Then he went on saying "But you are just 18 according to blah blah". I was laughing and I said "Really he thought I was just 18." Of course I was thinking to myself "Wow, do I really look that young?" That was a great compliment. But I know one reason why some people think I am younger than my age is my pettite size. One of the teenage girls I used to work often says "You're too short." I would look at her and say "I'm not short, I am regular. You are just big!" There are people some people that sometimes make fun of my size. Calling me "shortie". I am not that mean, but to myself I was thinking, "Atleast I am not XXXL", you know what I mean. I really do think it's better to be pettite than to be extra extra extra large. Now I never make fun of anybody's size, I think it's mean and discriminatory. And I know some people can be very sensitive about their size. You know when people say I am short I almost want to tell them "Are you saying I am less of a person just because I am a few inches shorter?" I can also do things that tall people can do. There are instances that "Bigger is better" doesn't apply. And besides I am Asian. Asians by nature are generally smaller or shorter in size. Not all, of course, there are lots os Asians that are tall. Like the Chinese basketball player Yau Ming. I am glad that hubby likes my size. He often says "I like your pettite size, I wouldn't want you otherwise." I think that's a very sweet statement. I used to be very sensitive about my height way back when I was in school. I even tried looking for ways to gain a few inches taller. But oh well, I just have to be happy with my height. My dad isn't that tall. My mom though is a bit taller. Among my siblings I could be the shortest, but we all are short atleast all the girls in the family. The two boys are tall. Which isn't so bad. The girls are pettite and the boys are tall. So far so good. (So, are you fond of "BIG"? In Tagalog, mahilig ka ba sa malaki? I know lots of people that are fond of "malaki". Malaking ano? Malaking kwan....bahala na kayong mag-isip)I'll leave it to your imagination and see where you imagination goes.

Going back to graying hair, a lot of my aunts and uncles including my dad and my mom has gray hair. But they are all in their 50's 60's. I guess it's inevitable that I will have gray hair too. I just wish it will wait a few years. I am not yet in my 30's for goodness sake. I mean soon to be but, oh well. Atleast my face will remain baby face, hopefully.Insert a giggle here. Now, on having a younger looking face. I was surprised when people pointed out that I look younger than my two younger sisters when I was on vacation back home. I don'tknow it as a fact, but some people pointed it out. I didn't want to make my younger sisters feel bad, so I told them, I am older.

I have been trying to live a better lifestyle with exercises and a better diet containing more fruits and vegetables. I avoid soda. I do drink some soda from time to time since hubby drinks. I don't buy any soda when I go grocery shopping. Sodas are packed with sugars and I remain skeptical about diet sodas either. Even the frozen foods that are labeled "low carbs" "low fat" I am skeptical. I try to go with foods that are fresh as much as possible. Sometimes, it's unavoidable though.

Some may not consider their kind of drinks contributing to body fat. But according to what I read, even fructose-sweetend water can cause increase in body fat. Regular filtered water is still the best way to go.

Some of the foods that I recently read that have health benefits:

1. Olives and olive oil. Contains healthy oils,monosaturated fats and vitamin E and antioxidants.
2. Ginger-rich in disease fighting oxidants, aids in digestion,e ases nausea (pregnant women can use ginger to ease morning sickness) possessesanti-inflamatory activity.
3. Soy and soy products- low in saturated fat
4. Salmon- has Omega 3 fatty acids
5. Nuts- peanuts, walnuts,almond, flax seeds even pumpkins seeds and sunflower seed. Possesses good fats when taken in moderate amounts.
6. Green Tea- antioxidant. activates enzymes that aid in detoxification.
7. Substitute sugar with molasses, maple syrup and honey.

So far I had already been using some of these healthy foods. I have been buying coconut oil and olive oil. I also was able to find a blend of olive, Canola and Soy oil. Olives, I love olives in cans and in jars. I can much on them black or green olives. I sometimes use them for pizza toppings. I am a seafood lover. Seafoods are less fatty compared to other meats. I sometimes buy soybeans, still in their pods. Boil them and eat them like peanut snacks. Green tea, I always make iced tea drinks with green tea. And they are available in groceries as well as Asian stores. And instead of granulated sugar I use honey for my tea and splenda for my coffee. And do you know that coffee may contain antioxidants too even chocolates?

I think if one wants to stay young one should start early in life. I hate to hear people saying "Im on a diet." What does that even mean? I don't mean to pooh pooh anybody's technique. It's just that when somebody says I am on a diet, it sounds temporary to me. It sounds like "I'm doing this for the moment, but later I will get back to my usual diet." I was drinking a drinkable yogart at work and somebody asked me "Are you on a diet?" I simply said "no." It's just a drink. But see a lot of us think that to be on diet we need to be doing it for the time being. I think to have a successful dieting one has to incorporate that diet as a long term activity even as long as lifetime. It's not doing it for a week or a month and then after that back to usual eating habits. That's just how I see it. I am not saying I don't eat same crap people eat. I mean I sometimes do, I just try to train myself to eating the healthier stuff as much as possible.

Just blabbering my mouth out loud.


Hair here and everywhere. Help!

It's bothering me that whenever I clean the floor I there's so much hair especially in the bathroom and it's my hair. Long black hair. I have a think hair so, even if I shed a lot, I don't notice it thinning. It remains thick. I wonder what causes my hair to keep falling. Aside from the shedding, I have early developement of gray hair. I have had a few already when I was in highschool. And now, I have a lot. My siblings and relatives noticed it when I went back home months ago. Now, that I have lots of white hair I am thinking of dying it. I have read that stress could cause white hair. Still some people don't have a lot even if they are being stressed more than I do. Heredity? My mother did have white hair at an early age.They also say that sleeping with wet hair can cause it. Or tying it in a pony tail while wet cause white hair. I haven't read any scientific evidence as to what the causes are. Any thoughts? And what to do to avoid having white hair. Maybe I can still save the rest of my black hair.