Ink On Paper

I am fond of collecting cute notebooks. I must have had a bunch of them. It started when I was way back in school, I have kept small pocket size notebooks from adress book to journals, organizers. I have always been fond of scribbling plans and dates to remember. Sometimes I even write down how much expenses I do on a daily basis, or tally my monthly budget. Sometimesjust random thoughts, ideas, feelings, some doesn't make sense. Mostly at the back of each notebook I have lists of Authors, novels and books that I want to check out. If you see my desk and drawers you will find lots of notebooks. Some of them could have been filled with scribbles from years ago. Sometimes it's fun to read and remember what I was thinking a few years ago. A walk down memory lane. I am also a collector of "meaningful phrases" and quotations that I find amusing, interesting or simply clever or some phrases or words that touches my inner self.

Here are some that I found while rummaging through my old stuff:
Life as food:
Life can get as sour as a lemon
as pungent as a ginger, can get
as spicy as chili peppers and get as sweet as honey.
Life can be as bland as water.

This was something that I wrote and I know what I was thinking about at that time. Obviously it was food. I was comparing life with food, if we were to give life a taste, how would it taste like.
If you could, would you?
Since you couldn't maybe I would.
If I can't maybe I should.
Even if I can't and I wouldn't
and maybe shouldn't, maybe I'll try.

Obviously this is just a brain twister, just playing with words.....Could have, would have should have.....
Life doesn't always happen the way we imagine it.

I have come across this while reading a book by James Patterson, maybe. It's just so true that I had to write it down. A reminder maybe about realities of life. It doesn't always happen as we plan or imagine it, so we should be always ready for any detours and back up plans if what we have in mind doesn't work out. Imaginations are always, almost different compared to reality.
Your brain is more active sleeping than it is watching tv.

If this is true then should we spend more time sleeping than watching tv? I believe this is true because I have experienced weird hapennings through dreams that are beyond description. Some of my dreams feel and looks like those video games. You know,you feel you are there and yet you're not, and you can also see yourself on a screen. Sometimes in the dream world it doesn't make sense, the dimensions shift from almost reality, to dimensions unknown to the physical world. Anyway, I don't know if I am the only one who dreams in wild colors.

La frase del dia
Feliz dia de accion de gracias- Happy Thanksgiving!
Que le vaya bien- Have a nice day.


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