Autumn in my mind

The pretty colors have turned brown, and the brown leaves have fallen on the ground.Piled on top of each other forming layers.

Dried leaves that has been blown, scattered on the grass, scattered everywhere on the ground on the side walks, on the streets.

And the rest of the dark leaves still hang on top of the branches, clinging.

But one by one, they fell. Soon, the trees get so naked, no blankets of leaves to cover them. All it's leaves just drop to the ground.

The evening blows with chill as the branches of the trees stretch their hands to the

The view that was once a kaleidoscope of colors, starting to fade,
the colors have fallen to the ground.

The leaves that have piled up will soon rot, decay into the earth and become part of the soil that will bring back nature to life in spring.

The leafless trees permitting the rays of lightsin the evenings, and so with dawn's sunrise.

Nature! so spectacular as it literally reinacts the wonders of the season.


La frase del dia
Spanish phrase of the day

La vida es hermosa
Life is beautiful


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