Countless things to be greatful for

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without giving thanks, so THANK YOU!

For those wonderful mornings that I woke up feeling alive.

For the warm sunshine that splashes on my face whenever I open the door.

For the cool breeze that fills my being and fuels my whole body to keep me going each day.

For the wonderful people that surrounds me,their smiles, their greetings, their encouragements.

For the hugs and kisses that I get each day. For the love and care and fussy warm feelings wrapped in embraces.

For the tons of love I get everyday.

For the greattasting cups of coffee that I have sipped.

For the many chances that come my way. For allowing me to start as many beginnings as I could have.

For the wild colorful dreams that has filled my life with adventures and mysteries.

For the countless hopes that each new day delivers to my door step.

For the undesirable experiences too, that molded me to be a better person.

For the multitude of people that somehow taught me lessons for a lifetime.

For the many more days that yet to come with promises of new beginnings and millions of wonderful things to be hopeful for.

And for the long list that I'm not able to write simply because it goes on and on and it just doesn't fit the space and the screen.

Thank you for everything, it made my life more meaningful.

Thank you, Thank you.


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