Falling! Dead.

You Are Changing Leaves

Pretty, but soon dead.
What Part of Fall Are You?

Waaaaaaaaa, dead! What's pretty when dead. It's actually made me laugh. So, that's the part of fall I am. DEAD!

Somehow the test got it right, I'm so dead, barren of thoughts and exciting stuff. I feel like my spirit has left my physical body. You know, lifeless, unenthusiastic. Feels like someone has squeezed the life out of me. Right now I am trying to bring back the vibrance, and enthusiasm back. I guess the weather has something to do with it. And some other stuff.

Somebody, bring back the smile into my face.The sunshine into my sky. The stars under my sky. Can somebody rope the moon for me, please. If not maybe somebody can [sungkit], (can't think of an english translation for sungkitin) a star for me. Just one would be enough.

Ahhh, I'm sure it will pass. I guess these are just my cloudy days, foggy and unclear skies. I just need some sunshine in my life.


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