We Moved!

We just relocated to Atlanta. It's the second relocation we did within the five years and it's harder the second time due to the fact that we have acquired more furnitures. Not that we bought them, but hubby's siblings have given them. It seems that we had more stuff this time than before that we can barely stuff them all in the truck. Hubby's brother had to haul some in his SUV. Most of them where my plants that I didn't want to part with. Although I left some still and thinking about going back and getting them, but hubby is not willing to drive two hours just for my plants. So, if we ever go back I would just try to get them while they would still be there. If not, then, the new occupants can have them. It had been very tiring but the thing is we had a few days packing so, it didn't break our back. It's the transporting that was harder. I was greatful that some people came and carry our heavy stuff like the dressers and the furnitures.

Tips for packing,Transporting and Unloading your Stuff:

1. Pack up those stuff that you least use first, to avoid openning the boxes when you already packed them. This is also the best time to get rid of the stuff you won't be needing or stuff you want to get rid of.

2. Another thing you could do is to put all the kitchen stuff together, living room stuff together, bathroom stuff together, so you would know where to grab stuff when you get to the new place.

3. One very helpful tip is to label them according to what's in the box/container.

4.Wrap glasses, breakeables and fragile stuff with newspapers or bubble packs.That would really keep them from breaking except of course if you drop them.

5. If you don't have much space to carry stuff, try to fold any foldable furnitures and anything that you could fold without of course breaking them. That save more space.

6. Pack up heavier stuff, combining with lighter weight in bigger boxes or containers so you won't put all the heavy stuff in one box. That will allow you to carry them by yourself, in case you won't have any help. Of course you need to try to lift them if you could.

7. When putting them in the truck,or whichever you would use to transport them, put the furnitures first. Of course arrange them in a manner as to save space, at the same time in a manner to protect them from chipping off or breaking or scratching each other.

8. Next put some of the softer stuff in between them to avoid bumping from each other. Then put all other stuff on top of the furnitures and in the spaces between.

9. When you get to the new place, it is very helpful to unload all the stuff out off the truck and start bringing in the furnitures first and putting them already where they are supposed to stay before bringing in other stuff. Put the couches in the living room, arrange them to the right spot. Put the television where you want it and the rest of the furnitures, dressers, and the matresses. The rest as you have labelled them put it to the room where they belong. That would make the unloading easier.

10. As we get to the arranging of stuff, put all the unopenned boxes in the room that will not be used, or to the storage areas to keep them from cluttering the rooms.

Of course as we go along from unpacking everything, this is the best time to use your organization talent and interior decorating skill. You could always move stuff around according to how you like them. And this is the best time to keep the old stuff that used to clutter your kitechen, your living room and bathrooms. Try to unpack those that you really need and put away stuff that may not be needed for a while and put them in storage bins/boxes and label them too before putting them away in the storage areas. The same is true when unpacking clothings. Choose the clothes that you think you would really use and put away the others that you might not need for a while. But label them so you would know which is which when looking for them later.

For the next few days I would be rummaging through all our stuff and reboxing them, and restoring them, organizing them,and throwing some stuff that would only clutter our new home. There's always the Goodwill or the Salvation Army deposite places for those things that may still be useful but unwanted. But if you could discard them before moving, then your load would be a little bit lighter, instead of carrying stuff that you don't need.

I look forward to a clutterless home, so while I am in the process of unpacking I would try to keep those things that are really not needed, box them up and store them.

I am sure you all have your own style and organizing tips when doing all these stuff, I just thought I would share mine and who knows, there might be someone who would benefit to the things that I have learned when relocating to a new place. It can be tough and a lot of work, but then it could be exciting and fun decorating a new place with your own style. So there you go. Next time you move, maybe you could have more fun than bruises and broken back.