Here's Karen's tag,

Inaanyayahan ko ang bawat papasahan ko nito na maglathala ukol dito sa larawan sabihin ang nasa loob ng hanggang 50 salita walang lalampas pwedeng patula,pwedeng isang kasabihan,pwedeng patawa,pwede lahat pwera ang murahan....pag lumampas bahala ka...(Give an interpretation of the image not exceeding 50 words, may it be in a poem, a quotation,a joke, any interpretation, No cuzzing.)

The group of eggs were on their way home from a drinking spree. The egg at the middle said; " I feel like throwing up". The guy first egg on the right covered his nose, the next guy covered his eyes saying "I don't want to see this". The next guy said "Not here" holding his head in exasperation. The other guy just stared with furrowed brows. One said "ewwwwwwww!" and the last guy on the left just shrug his shoulder.
(I must have exceeded fifty words already)

Or in short, Don't cry over a spilled egg!

Those of who wants to tag themselves, go ahead.


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