Piercing Cold

While leafing through the "CREATIVE LOAFING" I came across this small yellow box that says: "Steve's Words of Warning" and it says:


I have no idea what the means, perhaps it's just a silly box where people leave silly thoughts. Or it could mean something else. Maybe someone could help me out with this.


The season is I guess doing it's job. It's really getting colder now, when the wind blows it gets even colder. Sometimes the freezing cold can make it's way deep into the bones penetrating the bundle of clothes then the shivers start. The lips starts to turn purple or cracks.

Despite my oils and lotion rubs, the cold weather still has it's way of irritating my skin. The worst are the itchy and scratchy modes of my skin. I twist and turn and reach and scratch, imagine when it itches at the back where it's unreachable by your arm. It almost makes me mad at the same time feels like laughing. A bitter-sweet tug of war. Sometimes they say in Tagalog "nakakatuwang-nakakainis." There's hubby of course who is always ready for emergency scratchsectomy. For that, I love him to death. He could also be into the pimple popping business, but I am more into it than he is.

Times like these when the heater is on, the static electricity is always high. I'm sure you'll have had this popping sound when you touch something even people. Like there's electricity, a humidifier helps a lot with that. Sometimes, my nose gets so dry especially when the hearter is in full blast, then it hurts. Not very pleasant experience. Feels like there's soot in my nose. Some of the recommendations I have heard is to boil water,and just let the steam off. I do it sometimes, but when I get busy I sometimes forget about it until the pot gets dry. It's a fire hazzard, it helps to put on a timer though. It's still safer to use a humidifier, just make sure there's always enough water in it. That's why I always unplug it whenever we get out of the house. There was a fire by our neighborhood and it was caused by a plugged heater. The owner forgot to unplug it and they went to work.That evening, their place was on fire. So, it's always a precautionary habit to turn off electrical appliances before leaving. Something that Ialways emphasize hubby. Even if we go out for a short time. You never know something might come up and you forget that plugged appliance, it might cause fire. It's a habit that I have acquired over the years after burning the bottoms of several pots. So far, nothing really serious ever happenned. And I don't ever want anything bad to ever happenof course.


There are people that are affected by seasonal changes or weather changes. I am one of them. It doesn't hit me as hard though. We live in the South of the East Coast, so we don't really experience the harsh snows and dark skies. In fact I haven't even seen snow in my whole life. We are in the subtropical and yet I have a feel of what they call SAD( Seasonal Affective Disorder) and it fits it's name perfectly because when you have SAD you do feel really sad, you become so depressed. If I do have a faint experience of Seasonal Affective Disorder, how much more for the people in the North and South Pole where it get's really dark during the winter months.

If you are having this SAD, there's one thing that can help which is as effective as drugs from numerous studies for treating depression, exercise. I actually do exercise to relieve myself from ,yup, depression and as an outlet to release stress. It's always a personal commitment and individual style of working out.It varies from person to person. I didn't use to exercise, but when I started it, it really made me feel better. So, whenever you feel down, sweat it out you'll feel better and you'll also feel healthier. It would also help especially that the holidays are coming.

Talking about holidays, I wonder where else in the world celebrates Thanksgiving Day aside from US and Canada?


La frase del dia
(Spanish phrase of the day)

Dia del Pavo- Turkey Day
Dia de Accion de Gracias- Thanksgiving Day


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