Scrambled Thoughts

The Anticipation:
You know what I am talking about. When one is waiting for something, sometimes the anticipation can be a bit stressful. Sometimes people can get really all worked up. But when you actually are in that moment that you have been waiting for, it sometimes may not really be that bad. It's the waiting, the counting of the days, waiting for that moment what ever moment that maybe. I find that sometimes, the waiting can be the most exciting part, not the moment itself. Are you waiting for something, then enjoy the anticipation. You will eventually get there. I know I am.

On Gender Roles:
I noticed that when me and my husband go out, I noticed that people tend to ask questions from him first. Whether at a restaurant, bank,office. And so it got me thinking, is it because I am Asian, or is has something to do with me being a woman. Hubby pointed out that it probably has something to do with gender roles. The man usually pays the bills at the restaurants, so they tend to ask him the question first. Then I wondered too, if people probably doesn't know how to approach me. Whatever it is, it usually doesn't bother me, but when I am not asked. I usually want to be involved in the conversation. I also wondered maybe if I don't talk then they are not sure what to say. So, I try to have my say. When I mentioned this to J, he said, " maybe they see you very young and think that I am your father." I just started laughing, maybe I laughed a little too hard. I really thought that was funny. You probably are wondering why he would say such a funny joke. Okey, I am super petite that's why. My face probably doesn't show my age. He told me that one of his friends told him, he's a cradle snatcher. Then I started telling him of an acquaintance of mine, she's 25 and her husband is probably 52 right now. She's half his age. She also mentioned to me that his kids from his former wife are older than her. And when she first met them they gave her that look saying "what are you doing with our father who is twice your age." She said she just ignored them. Then I wondered she probably have been mistaken a lot as his daughter instead of his wife.

Ear Candy:
We were able to go to "Journey's" concert and it was so much fun. It was such a fun show. I was even able to see Arnel Pineda up close. He had so much energy. I am really inspired by his story, how he got discovered on youtube. I had to see and watch him in person. I personally can understand now why he was able to get to be the lead singer of "Journey". He really got the talent, despite his small size. He's got that voice. I have been watching all his performances on with his old band "The Zoo" where he sang cover songs for some of the popular bands like Goo goo Dolls, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and he sounded just like the way these bands sing. He even sang Anne Wilson's "Alone" and he sounded just like Anne. By the way Cheap Trick and Heart were the first two bands that played before Journey. It was held at Chastain Park Ampetheater. It was such a hot day, so everyone in the concert were sweating. It was a fun concert. Would like to go to their live concert again.

That Brew:
Coffee, that's one thing that I am addicted to. I can't somehow go for a day without coffee. There are a lot of things being said about coffee, some good,some bad. Sometimes it gets confusing, but I think the rule of thumb here is moderation. Things done in moderation is good, if you overdo it then it becomes bad. Caffeine is addictive basing from my experience. I don't know but after I drink coffee I become alive, I become more alert and I can think. Helps me concentrate too.


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