I watched "Legally Blond II" for the second time. This time I wasn't really paying so much attention. I was on the computer at the same time I was listening to the movie. I stopped doing anything when the movie was towards the end because I wanted to listen to Elle's speech again. That's my favorite part of the entire movie because of the message that does apply to many of us. Our right to use our freedom of speech. To use our voice. A lot of us don't really use this freedom of speech that we rightfully have. It's not of course just running your mouth. It's about speaking up for ourselves. Getting involved. Many of us probably do not even register to voting areas during elections. It's one way of speaking up for ourselves. We shouldn't leave others to elect our leaders. That one vote might make a difference. Another way is getting involved to movements of a cause, it's one way of getting ourselves participate. There are lots of ways we could involve ourselves, one very common of course is by volunteer work.

Using our voice can also be practiced in our daily lives. You know how we often complain of some services in places like the restaurants, stores, even to the salons as in Elle's example in her speech, everywhere we go, we have the opportunity to be able to speak up and make a change in laws and regulations and improvements of services. I have seen places that has suggestion box, but do we bother to even make our suggestions.I have seen them in hotels. I bet a lot of us don't care and ignore them. But we do complain about things. I think that the best way to contribute in the changes in our community is by actively involving ourselves. Not just by being an outside critique. We should let our voice be heard, may it be a small voice, it might make a difference. I always admire people who are able to do that. Sometimes I am guilty of being an outside critique.



There was an episode on the "Simpson's" show where Homer was so angry but doesn't know how to express his anger, so he supresses it and everytime he does that a bump/swelling appears behind his neck. It is sometimes true in real life. If we suppress our bad emotions it can cause inner damage to ourselves through illnesses and sickness. Sometimes expressing yourself in the positive way can help avoid that heavy feeling we have. I'm sure you know what I am talking about, the feeling that feels like kicking/hitting/smashing somebody in the face. Anger of not being able to express ourselves. I have had a lot of these experiences, sometimes because I may be too nice and people take advantage of that opportunity. Sometimes we get so startled at the rudeness of other people that we remain speechless. Those bad feelings gets accumulated within us and we feel like exploding. I'm sure a lot of us experience this at home, work place, anywhere, really.

There was a guy that commented me for being all smiles and seems happy everytime he seesme. I said " I was just putting my work face." And he said "Yeah, when you get home you just kick your dog." It's really true for some people. You know at work we try be very nice and happy looking people, but when we get home we express our anger and stress to our love ones. Me and hubby calls this "unloading the baggage." Everyday we collect baggages, and we carry them on our shoulders. The more we accumulate the heavier they get. If we don't find a way to unload them, they sometimes make us miserable and vain people. It also make us sick physically and mentally and psychologically.

There are lots of ways of "unloading the burdens", people have different ways to unwind. A short walk, a few minutes of quiet moments, listenning to music, working out- sweating the bad energies out of the body, running, playing musical instruments. Having hobbies are good ways to recharge. Sometimes its just a concious effort to reset/refocusing your mind into the positive stuff. How do you unload your heavy loads? How do you vent the steam off?



When I recall my childhood, there are bits and pieces that I can recall clearly, some faded images and some parts I just see blank. I can clearly recall how I started to read novels. Growing up and going to school, nobody read me stories at bed time. My early years as a child were spent away from my parents. Me and my siblings had to stay with our aunt inorder to be closer to the schools we attended.

I recall that I was in the sixth grade when I notice my big sister reading a novel. It was out of curiousity and a challenge for me. I noticed that she was able to read up to 100 pages. I was sitting there watching and saying to myself "How does she do that?" The next day I went to our school library and borrowed a book. I started reading and I had to read the whole book. I never even talked or even asked my big sister about it. But I sat down and read. At first, after leafing through a few pages I almost wanted to just leave it and go out and play. You know how kids are, they love to play. But I stayed there and read. It might have taken me three days to finally finnish the book. After reading the entire book, it almost felt like a conquest for me. I was very proud of myself. I was saying to myself "See I can read a whole book too." Of course my big sister was ablivious about it. But I guess I was looking up to her as a role model and at the same time immitating what she does. You know how big sisters able to do things, and as a younger kid I was challenged without even telling her, " I can do that too." So that's how I started reading. I read books after books after that. In highschool, I remember borrowing books at the library, the "Nancy Drew" and the "Hardy Boys" were so popular at that time. I read almost the entire series. Even "Sweet Valley High" and in my junior and senior years I have been reading Sidney Sheldon's books, Sherlock Holms and etc. There were Filipino pocket books too, and I can also recall that there were comic stands. I used to swap reading material with friends. It was fun. I could have missed out some of the things that young people do like outings and stuff, but I learned the joy of reading, not only novels but variety of reading materials.

When I think about it, whether we like it or not, our younger siblings will look up to us, as their elders and as role models. So whatever we do sometimes our younger siblings maybe doing the same thing because they saw their (ate)elder sister or (kuya) older brother doing it whether it's good or bad. For my case it's a great thing.

To this day, reading is a part of my entertainment. Reading I think is important inorder to be informed and updated aside from televisions, CDs and other forms of media and exposures.


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