Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know that a mature turkey has 3,499 feathers. Wow, who had the time to count every single feathers? I don't know if there's anybody who would actually butcher their own turkey live. Mostly, they come already without feathers and ready to be cooked.

Too bad, some people would be spending their Thansknsgiving cleaning up after the tornado that hit Texas to Alabama. We had some rains yesterday and we were lucky not to be on the route of the tornado.

And of course the holiday fever is very high, the Thanksgiving and the pre-christmas shopping. The media and commercials are pumped up with sales and shopping and more shopping for the upcoming holidays. Of course the day after thanksgiving would be the day when a lot of people eat their left overs and go shopping, so, malls and shopping areas would be expected to be packed with people from all walks of life shopping for what's on sale.

I am not one of those who would be hosting the big dinner, so I am still taking my time. I am still in my jammies when a lot of people are too busy cooking this and that. But I would probably cook something to bring for the family dinner in the evening.

I don't know if this happens to you. Food would so abundant, and I guess, with all the abundance and bounty we have, we should be thankful.

Well, don't eat too much now.Or you will become like this.....

One sexy mama.

Dilly dallying

There's a lot of explanation for my long absence.I sort of wandered off a little bit and submerged myself to diferent things; work, arts and crafts, home making responsibilities. Let's just say I just had to go out there and experience and fill myself with ideas and thoughts and exposure to live by.

We were able to Climb up Stone Mountain up in Atlanta a few days before hallows eve. It looked fantastic at the top at night. You just feel like you are on top of the world looking at the towns below. Just panoramic especially when all the lights are glowing.It was a pretty sight. We just sat there and dreamt, looking straight to the stars above. The air was also cooler up there. We didn't stay that long there since we didn't have any flashlight and it was dark. We made it down quicker than going up. That was a very nice exercise.

Pyramid of Lights

sky lift

Halloween was such fun. It wasn't planned I just happenned to be there when we didn't even plan on celebrating halloween.Here's one of the funniest customes that night.


That's not all. J had organized a bowling team that evening before coming down to Macon. We went bowling at a bowling alley that's close to my brother-in-law. I had such luck that evening, I started not so good. My ball going to the gutter. But then as I went along my shots were getting straight hitting the pins. The guys were even worried I might beat them. Eventually, when we tallied the scores I was placed 3rd among 6 people. So they congratulated me. That was the best yet, compared to the other times we went bowling. Of course after that long weekend spent at H, house I was ready to get back home.

The next day, we decided we would go for a walk by the woods. We followed a trail just by the back of our place. It wasn't our first time. We have been to this trail before, so we know our way over there. We walked all the way, coming across a lot of leaves falling, sometimes it would rain with leaves that it would sound like it was really raining. We finally came up to a lake, beautiful view from the nature trail.

Woods at the back yard.
Back woods

The Filtered sun through the trees.

Great view of the Lake:


The Scary

Halloween is such a colorful holiday. Lots of orange, lots of pumpkins. It wqas a blast when a friend invited me to go with her to a halloween party. It was a lot of fun. Lots of wierd food. Bats wings, chocolate eye balls, blood drinks, green eggs.

Pumpkins Rolling!

Hah, the wicked witch and her sweetie!

Him taking a picture of me taking a taking a photo of him.

Fun Stuff

I know, I had a long break. Nope, I didn't go campaigning for any of the candidates. Just took a long break from the virtual world. I had a lot of things to talk about but I am kind'a tongue tied. You know when things are swimming in your head and you can't seem to put them to words. But the last weeks I had the ups and downs and even roller coaster and I mean litterally during the Georgia National Fair when some of my friends invited us to join them over there. I really wanted to ride the sky lift or cable but we ended up buying too many tickets that were not valid for that ride. So instead we rode the merry-go-round, ferries Wheel, the sled wagon, and the egyptian boat. I really had a rush riding the egyptian boat. I thought it would just be a slow ride, and it was,except we would go up in the air almost up side down. That was scary.
Panoramic view of the carnival rides at night

Waterfront, awesome in the evening

Do You wonder how they milk cows? They exhibitted how they milk cows at the fair.