Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know that a mature turkey has 3,499 feathers. Wow, who had the time to count every single feathers? I don't know if there's anybody who would actually butcher their own turkey live. Mostly, they come already without feathers and ready to be cooked.

Too bad, some people would be spending their Thansknsgiving cleaning up after the tornado that hit Texas to Alabama. We had some rains yesterday and we were lucky not to be on the route of the tornado.

And of course the holiday fever is very high, the Thanksgiving and the pre-christmas shopping. The media and commercials are pumped up with sales and shopping and more shopping for the upcoming holidays. Of course the day after thanksgiving would be the day when a lot of people eat their left overs and go shopping, so, malls and shopping areas would be expected to be packed with people from all walks of life shopping for what's on sale.

I am not one of those who would be hosting the big dinner, so I am still taking my time. I am still in my jammies when a lot of people are too busy cooking this and that. But I would probably cook something to bring for the family dinner in the evening.

I don't know if this happens to you. Food would so abundant, and I guess, with all the abundance and bounty we have, we should be thankful.

Well, don't eat too much now.Or you will become like this.....

One sexy mama.


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