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I know, I had a long break. Nope, I didn't go campaigning for any of the candidates. Just took a long break from the virtual world. I had a lot of things to talk about but I am kind'a tongue tied. You know when things are swimming in your head and you can't seem to put them to words. But the last weeks I had the ups and downs and even roller coaster and I mean litterally during the Georgia National Fair when some of my friends invited us to join them over there. I really wanted to ride the sky lift or cable but we ended up buying too many tickets that were not valid for that ride. So instead we rode the merry-go-round, ferries Wheel, the sled wagon, and the egyptian boat. I really had a rush riding the egyptian boat. I thought it would just be a slow ride, and it was,except we would go up in the air almost up side down. That was scary.
Panoramic view of the carnival rides at night

Waterfront, awesome in the evening

Do You wonder how they milk cows? They exhibitted how they milk cows at the fair.


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