A bachelor's life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a miserable dinner. ~Francis Bacon~

Spring has fully sprung. Seasons change and I am burning in the flame of time. You know what, that's shows that time is moving. Living in a place where there are four seasons, I can readily feel and see the changes right before my eyes. The trees change colors and then they froze in a dormant state until they spring to life when the weather gets warm. That's something I didn't notice growing up in the tropical Philippines. The trees never change their colors. They are always evergreen and always alive. Winter could get very gloomy especially in places where it snows and stays cold and freezing. Not only birds and animals fly to the South but also people would travel to the South because of the cold. I guess living in the South is a good thing for me. I may always want to see and play with snow but not to live in places where it snows. I love it here. One thing that I love about Georgia are the woods. Lots of trees, greens and blooming plants, trees, vines almost everywhere and the mountains.

We went hiking the other day although it seemed a gloomy and windy day, we persisted on our hiking plans. I already had a bad feeling about it, but we still went. We just hang around by the big rocks and watched the murmurring water. There is a waterfall too and naturally it flows a route down. We followed the water and into the hiking trail. At about 3 p.m., the skies started to show a dark angry face. Clouds blanketted the woods and in a little while it started pouring. We started running trying to beat the rain. But of course we still got wet. It was also blowing like hell. I felt the winds slapping my face as I ran for it to find a shelter. We were able to make it. Not too wet. Sometimes it's fun to play under the rain, but only if you are really ready for it and you got ready dry clothes to put on. It was fun though. We might still go explore some other places soon.


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