We draw our inspiration from a lot of different sources. Sometimes from the most unusual or from the most unexpected sources. Sometimes one has got to keep the fire burning while the flame is hot. When you take your time, sometimes the fire dies so quickly. Don't you have those days when you feel very enthusiastic a bout something, inspired and wired up? But then there are days that seems gloomy and lacks the luster and vibrancy. I guess it's just the natural occurrence of life. But when you get that vitality, don't you want to catch it and keep it in a bottle and just drink it like a magic potion? Sometimes we wish we always be that animated and bubbly.

I just had that great vitality today when we got back home from the mall. I was almost sick this morning, on and off headache. Miraculously, I was alive and kicking when we got back from the mall. We had a tall cappuccino mocha which is of course fortified with caffeine. Maybe that has something to do with it. But I would like to think that it's a state of mind. You can do anything where you set and what you set your mind. The mind is very powerful. You could actually think what you want to feel and it's all depends of how determined you are affects the result. You could will yourself to do a lot of wonderful things.

I can't believe I actually cleaned our entire place from bathrooms to closets. I even arranged a lot of clutters. I dusted and vacuumed every corner. I wiped my dressers. I threw away the old papers and magazines. I did my laundry. I watered my plants. Everything looks so tidy and spick-and-span now. I am not that clutter free but I want things clean and moderately in place. I can be a slob sometimes, but I can't really stand my premises to be that dirty. I would say I am moderately clean and tidy. I just had to find time and motivation to do the cleaning. I don't have to do it everyday, but I feel better about myself if I regularly keep my place neat and tidy. I can't stand using bathrooms that have these yellow line or whatever color moldy lines in the toilet bowls. I had to scrub them before using it. Anyway, that's my good house keeping for today.


My asparagus fern is growing wild. It has grown into a vine so I had to put a steak to hold it. Now it has climbed by our window blinds. I think I will just let it be there and see what happens. I have to bring out my ivies and cactus as soon as the weather gets warm again. Too bad the cold weather is not yet over. At least we had a few warm days and perhaps these few cold days will be the last of the frost season. Can't wait for spring. It looks like spring is starting to bud. All over the roads we see flowering trees and flowers and ground covers. I"m sure it will be wonderfully pretty when spring fully blooms.

Here in Macon, they would celebrate "Cherry Blossom Festival" during spring time when the cherry blossoms bloom in spectacular colors.Cherry blossom originated in Japan and was brought here as gifts from the Japanese supposedly to start of a formal relations between Japan and the US. Here's the history and photos. In Japan they also have cherry blossom festival which they call "hanami" meaning "blossom viewing". Anyway, they do the same if not similar things here in Macon. And the theme for this year is "Think Pink". There are cherry blossom plantations around Macon and tour buses would go around full of tourist and locals to view the pretty blossoms. We actually live along one of the streets where a lot of cherry blossoms are planted. They beautifully line the roads and streets. We even have some Yoshino tree right in front our place. Here are some webshots taken in Macon, Georgia during the festivities. We might try the hot air balloons if they are for rides during the festival.


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