The ancestor of every action is a thought
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~ American lecturer, poet, and essayist, 1803-1882

Have you ever had this itch that you cannot scratch? I have this penny size or one centavo size red spot on my left arm from the skin test they did about four days ago. It's a TB or tuberculosis skin test, a requirement for work. I was advised not to put pressure on it when it was administered. So, I was very careful not to touch or press on it. But after two days early in the morning I woke up with a slight itch on my arm,
oblivious to the skin test, I scratched it. Later on when I went back for the result it became all red with a smaller ring that looked darker red than the outer ring. So, I was there at the place waiting for the doctor whose taking his time. I waited patiently, after a while he came out from a room. I showed him my arm. Of course he asked if I had been scratching it. I told him, it was itchy and I wasn't aware, just scratched it. He then pressed on it and proclaimed the test negative.
He doesn't seem concerned about the very red spot, so I thought it might go away soon. But it has been days and it keeps itching. It so hard not to scratch something that's itchy. I tried so hard not to. Maybe it's good time to practice endurance and discipline. Imagine something itchy and you are not allowed to scratch. This morning it's still itchy, but I noticed the outer red ring is diminishing. Maybe it's good sign. Maybe it will eventually go away.


Finally I got my spunk and enthusiasm back. I don't know what has gotten into me but for the past few days I had the blues. Gosh, I had been trying to shake it off and finally, I feel normal again. I think the awesome weather has something to do with lifting my spirit. It has been so nice outside, you just wanted to go out there and enjoy yourself, enjoy the sun, the weather. I even spent time organizing my kitchen and fridge which had been a clutter. Yes, when I cook, I destroy the whole kitchen. I'm not often so keen at cleaning up afterwards because then I get tired and so J, would scold me for not cleaning up. I am just keen at eating. It just takes a few seconds to wolf a dish that I might have taken an hour to prepare. Sometimes it's a great outlet for me to cook. I even sing while cooking. But who was that who told me that when you sing while cooking you'll become an old maid. But I guess I don't have to worry about that because I am already married. Well, one could still be an old maid, at least somebody else's old maid.


Do you go to book sales? I do, I spent hours browsing at hundreds of books yesterday at the Friends of the Library Annual Book sale. I was able to get a few great finds among the stacks of books. I Think it is great that they do it every year. That will also give a chance for those who wants to recycle the books they got this year.


I thought it's only a Filipino practice to have "ninongs and ninangs" during baptism. Well, this Sunday, me and J will be god parents to Lauren Elizabeth. She's the daughter of J's twin sister. She's Catholic, so I guess it's more of a Catholic practice to have godparents.


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