Imagination decides everything
~Blaise Pascal~ French mathematician, physicist, philosopher and master of prose, 1623-1662

Music has it's way of playing human emotions. I went for long walk. I tried to squeeze the CD player in my sweat pants pocket and plugged the earphones to my ears. I walked in slow pace, dragging my feet as it made noise scraping the concrete. I was listening to Z93.7. I don't know what came over me but I was suddenly melancholic. Nostalgia overwhelmed me every step I took as I drag my feet on the concrete parking lot of the Springdale Elementary School. No one was around, just me and my poor soul. I circled around, watched the mud puddles and ditches of water from the earlier rain. The wind was blowing hard, but I couldn't feel anything except t the pang of blues that seem to envelope me, feeding on me, killing me, squeezing my abdomen and ripping my heart. It was almost physical. Thoughts of home flooded me. I thought of the people close to me and how they must be doing in their lives. The music seem to accompany me with it's every rhythm, every beat. I wanted so much to sit down and feel the moment, the current but the benches were wet. I just stood there, the cold air blowing, and got lost in my thoughts.


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