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Cherry blossom festival is still going on in Macon. It was really great when we gathered the kids at work and decided to do an afternoon ride at the cherry blossom trail. Although one of the girls was unpleasant just because she just wanted to be difficult, we went ahead and cruised up, to and fro the neighborhood where there were lines of cherry blossoms. Aside from the cherry trees there were a lot of colorful blooming trees and shrubs and flowers like daffodils and tulips and some ground covers along the street. We passed by some farms with horses and we also passed by several lakes with geese and Arabian ducks. It was fun, we enjoyed the sceneries while our driver Mr. Harold pointed out to me the old farm houses and the names of the trees that grow mostly in the South and in Georgia. Some of the places we passed by were cotton plantations during the olden times. And some of the farm houses still exist to this day with the same architecture and that brick walls and brick chimneys. But we could see that in between these farm houses are newly built modern houses.

I was able to sneak out and went to see what was going on downtown. We were able to see a part of the parade I was not impressed probably because I have seen more glamorous parades back in New Orleans. But yes, it depicted some other countries with their own representatives from Australia, United Kingdom, Taiwan,Japan, Ghana Africa, Falun Gong and many student representatives from different school. And representatives from a lot of the sponsors of the festival like Gieco, Clear Channel Radio and different organizations here in Macon. The Marine, the Navy and etc.

It is just so exciting now that it got warmed up. We to watch the cherry Palooza band and I helped J, gave away Q106 T-shirts. It was a rush to be up on the stage with a bunch of people screaming at you. That was cool. I saw a bunch of teenage girls and guys wearing all black with that vampire theme. Maybe not vampire but sort of gothic. They were doing some kind of a ceremonial rite, they formed a circle and they danced in a semi-circle at the very front of the stage while the band was playing. It was interesting. Most of the viewers were the young generation, a few older folks. But, Cherry Palooza is a local band so most people especially in Macon tries to support the band.

We also went to the Third Street Party on third street of downtown Macon. It was partly J's work and at the same time a promo that the radio station is doing annually during cherry blossom festival. There were long lines of folks lining up for free cherry ice cream and free soda.
It was pretty out there where a lot of people wear colorful clothes mostly pink and red hats. The cherry trees were decorated with Japanese lanterns. There was a free carriage ride too. There was also a stage where they played jazz and rap at the middle of the street. We made a few rounds strolling then I sneaked for a short shopping until we headed for lunch.

So far that's what I have seen and done during the festivities. There are still more things and activities going on but I think I might not be able to see them especially the grand finale.


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