The Many Faces of the Moon

Reading blogs is just like peeking to the minds and private lives of other people. It's interesting how people think about things, their lives, their secret thoughts. Do you feel like you're looking through a peeping hole when you read somebody else's blogs? Well, I do sometimes. But we all reveal ang write differently. Some people would really write their very private thoughts. Some people like me tends to keep a little or some privacy. Some people doesn't care who reads it anyway. That's something awesome about blogs. One could do it anyway they want it, could write anything they want to write. Well, maybe not anything but almost anything. I admit some blogs are disturbing. It is facinating to be able to have a glimps of the weird and odd ways of thinking of other people. Some are really funny, some can be so miserable. Some have intriguing thoughts. Some are just mundane. Others can be hilarious. It's an exploration into the minds and daily lives of other people I don't even know and didn't even know exist. Isn't it facinating how we all are different. Different in how we view and how we would like to live our lives. We all have our own fantasies, illussions and realities we live in. We create our own world in our very own sphere, in our own minds and in our dreams.We all are living in parallel worlds, doing our own thing. Moving in our own time as the rest of the people in the opposite side of the globe. We could be in direct opposite time zones. Other people could be sleeping while half of the world has just started their day. We could be having winter while the other world are experiencing excruciating heat from the sun. The thing is, we all live our lives differently. It's always a wonder to know other cultures, other ways of thinking and other ways at looking at the world. This I know, we could be staring at the same moon from different angles some nights.


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