There comes a time in every man's life, and I've had plenty of them.
~Casey Stengel~


Baby steps! J keeps repeating this every now and then. It makes sense though. I'm taking baby steps in a lot of things. Don't you have those days when you just feel like your bottom got stuck and glued to the couch or to the chair. I am guilty as I procrastinate a lot sometimes. My mind keeps urging my body to get up and do something but my heavy behind just sometimes couldn't cooperate.

But it's good news on my daily work out. I have been consistent for the past months. And now, I just started doing Denise Austin's daily work out. It's a combination of earobics and light yoga. Some of the steps are really tough, but I'm sure I could do it if I do it daily. I have been consistent with working out because I want to keep my muscles firm and tight. I really got into it when my jeans started to get tight. I had to buy new ones. I gained a few pounds since I got married, but atleast I am doing something about it now. I also would like to keep in shape especially during the winter time. It's the season when most people gain weight. Atleast in summer, spring and fall, people could be active outdoors. Not so much in winter time especially for people who live in places where it snows unless they go skiing or ice skating. Oh yeah, I have tried once ice skating. I have been slipping down to my knees a few times but I finally learned how to balance. The same is true with roller skating. I wasn't really good at it the first time I tried it. J has to hold my hand to keep me from falling and hurting myself. There was a very funny incident at the skating rink. A little girl came and ask J " Are you her dad?" reffering to me. I didn't hear her. But when J told me what she said, I just burst out laughing until my belly hurt. I know I'm small but I couldn't be that small to look like J's daughter. But of course from my experiences with children they couldn't necessarilly think about age. They associate size with age. If you are small, they think you must be young. And I am short, compared to J who is six feet. It was hilarious. He just couldn't answer this young girl's very innocent question. Children could be very precious and innocent. But they could be little devils with long horns. Sometimes you couldn't avoid thinking "you little _______!!!" I just couldn't help thinking about Homer Simpson strangling Bart whenever he says " Why you little_____!!!"


I normally don't drink coffee, but recently I embraced it as a friend. I badly needed coffee now that I have wake up during the unholy morning hours when the rest of the world is still in deep slumber. I know not a lot of people like to do this early morning jobs. But i don't mind since it's just about two to three days in a week. If I'm really into this I could condition my body to rise and shine that early every dawn. Tomorrow is gonna be another long day.


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