Laughter means: taking a mischievous delight in someone else's uneasiness, but with a good conscience.
~Friedrich Nietzsche~ German philosopher, classical scholar, critic of culture

Did this ever happen to you? J and me were shopping at a department store then I suddenly had the urge to go to the restroom. It is located at the entrance of the department store. I couldn't find J, so I just left my buggy and just went to the first room I saw. When I came out I noticed another door adjacent to the one I just went in with the female symbol and that's when I realized I went in to the men's restroom. I was suddenly conscious of myself, looking around if there were people outside who might have seen me went in there. When I finally saw J, I told him what happen, he burst out laughing. I must be blushing because he teased me saying "Haha! Your face is all red." Well, I didn't feel that embarrassed since nobody was outside the door waiting for his turn. But it was really a funny incident. It only tells us that when we are in a hurry we often miss some details along our way. Sometimes we miss the most important things just because we don't have enough time. We are such in a very busy world, we wake up grab our things, we don't even taste our food at breakfast because we are such in a hurry. Worst we burn our tongue with hot coffee trying to speed up things. What I'm saying is that sometimes when we hurry, we tend to miss or forget things in our attempt to get things done in a blink of an eye.


Gosh Kids have a great sense of humor. I worked for long hours for three days straight with these children. They are bigger, no longer toddlers with running nose. They are much older but they are still kids. They are at risk children who were taken away from their homes due to a lot of reasons. Anyway, the first day I worked with junior boys, younger ones from 5-13 years old. Some of them are very very cute and sweet. But some could be mean and ugly and antagonistic if they don't get their way with you. Especially some of them are mentally, emotionally and psychologically sick due to their present conditions. Imagine leaving your whole family behind and had to live in a very different environment with strange people and strange kids. They are undergoing tremendous transition in another home environment. So, a lot of them try to express their anger in a lot of ways. Worst, they try to kill themselves or run away.

It was a little intimidating working with the senior boys, they are between 10-18 years old. Yes, more grown up, teenagers. They are bigger and taller and they could tower me when it comes to height. But, they have been the best group I have worked so far. They could be a little rebellious and they talk back when they ask them to do things but other than that they have been very sweet and good to me. Sometimes they talk smart at you, but so far they have been civilized in manners except for sometimes when they get cranky and foul mood.

There was this funny incident when we were at the dining hall, they were arguing whether I was Puerto Rican or Chinese. I was listening to them argue while we were waiting for our turn to get our food. Finally, I said, "I'm not Puerto Rican and I'm not Chinese" I'm Filipino. They both kept quiet and looked at me. One of them uttered "Filipin", so I repeated "Filipino". That settled the argument. I noticed that I was the only Asian around. None of the kids are Asian or mixed as far as I know. So, they associate me with a girl of Hispanic origin. She could be Puerto Rican and we happen to have the same name. Some of the kids from the other houses approach me with curiosity. Some of them think I am small and cute because of my size and height. Some of them actually love me. I have seen girls there that looked very grown up and I have mistaken them as one of the relief foster parents. It was fun and a new experience for me. From the few days that I have worked with them, I have noticed that the boys are easier to handle than the girls. I thought the other way around when I first got there. But it was the total opposite once I worked with them.

The location of the place is very quiet, very secluded surrounded by woods and trees. It has a nice view. They even have a farm with horses and some farm animals. There's a baseball field and an indoor gymnasium where the children play after school when the weather is cold. A big dining hall for all six houses to dine on week days. On Sundays they go to church. I had the opportunity to go with them last Sunday. It was all new to me. It was my first time to go to that church. I think it's a non-denominational. It was more of singing and praising all through out. The kids had their Sunday school classes. They seem to have enjoyed it. They go to different churches every now and then and if they like the church they could just go there every Sunday.

I have met some very nice people too whom I worked with. Most of them were very nice of course. But I enjoyed hanging out with Miss A, and Miss H last Sunday. Miss A, is actually the receptionist on weekdays, so I learned a lot from her especially what's going on inside the institution. I am also glad that I was able to have had the chance to meet her and know her better since she's the front person whom I could run to whenever I need something or if I had problems at work.

Now, I get to relax and enjoy the whole week without worrying about work. I'm not scheduled for a whole week and then some.This is something I like about this job.

Happy weekend everyone.


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