While I was just surfing the net I was really surprised to find this out. I mean it has been years, but I only found out just tonight when I typed my name just curious what I would find and there it was. I wish whoever placed it there told me or even e-mailed me. They probably did, but I couldn't tell from the thousands of junkmail that piled up my inbox everyday.Yeah, I get spam every single day. Thank you whoever you are, who placed my site there. I didn't know it was a hit. Well, that was way back 2000 then when I actually just started building it. It had been through a lot of changes ever since. By now, almost more than three even four years I almost have forgotten about it. But that's great, it has been my play mate, my virtual companion. We have been through rough and tough but thanks to virtual world I was able to create it.


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