Wired up

I haven't been into anything new lately, so when J told me about a party. I liked the idea of partying a little bit. I am no party animal, but I do like to venture on new experiences once in a while. Yesterday was a big day for us. We drove up to Atlanta, but on our way there, we dropped by Tanger Outlet. I love shopping for clearance sales and in the outlet places like this, they are far cheaper compared to the prices in the mall or in the retail stores. And they have about a hundred brand names. The places I frequent are; Old Navy, Gap, Levi's and Tommy,and sometimes drop by to the other stores there just to look around for good deals. I don't really buy if it's not a great deal unless I really realy like it. Anyway, this time, we didn't stay that long.

After about 45 minutes driving through traffic in Atlanta, we were able to find Wolfgang Puck Express. We never really knew about this place until J got a coupon from the radio station last Christmas. We decided to check out the place. When we went it, the interior looked very vibrant, nice color combinations. It seems an elegant place. But it's an express, not a lot of people dine in. So, we were the only people there that evening. I ordered Chinios salad and J ordered a thin crust pizza and we shared a small bowl of butternut squash and a peanut butter cookie. The salad was okey. It was tossed napa cabbage with honey mustard. The soup was great. I enjoyed it. It has this sweet flavor similar to that of sweet potato. And the pizza was fine. I am not so much into pizza, but it was not bad. I liked how they made the tea too. It was perfect. Not too sweet not too bland.

After dinner we cruised around downtown Atlanta. We got caught in the evening traffic. It was justvery busy downtown, too many cars. We headed back to find the International Farmer's Market. Not only their products are international, the people shopping are diverse. It's interesting to see different people; Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Indians, Caucasians and others. It looks like a huge grocery store. You can see all varieties of vegetables, root crops, fruits and a lot of stuff you don't see at the grocery store. I go there for seafoods. They have better deals when it comes to seafoods. We bought a lb. of shrimp and a lb. of mussells. I feasted my eyes just looking at all the varieties of fruits and vegetables. There were varieties of fish and seafood too. And they have a tank full of live swimming tilapia and other fish. I kind'a miss the open market thingy they have in Hongkong where you can find live seafoods from fish to shrimp and crabs even lobsters. And it's only here where you can find a lot of varieties of fresh vegetables and greens and herbs. I always enjoy going to this place. It's just not that close to home though. An hour and fifteen or twenty minutes maybe. So, we just shop here when we have time.

After all the dilly dallying we dropped by my brother-in-law. His 11 year old son Alex was there to spend weekend with his dad. we played virtual baseball. It was fun. It was like playing baseball without a ball. We just spent about thirty minutes when J told them that we are on our way again back to Jim's Place where we would meet his other brother Jeff and his friend Debbie.

When we got there, Jeff and Debbie were late. But we met Michelle and another guy. We waited for about 5 or ten minutes then the two showed up. Next we talked how are we going to the place where the party is without getting lost. Then, we decided we would just follow each other's car. Debbie gave me her cellphone for us to call them just in case we got separated. We had our small walkie talkie, so we handed one to Michelle. And we huddled up, tailing each other all the way through a winding road until we came to a quiet neighborhood. We all went downto this steep driveway and into a house. When we got there, there was nobody on sight. Then, we were escorted to the basement. I had no idea what kind of party it was until Michelle told me put some ear plugs. We didn't have any plugs, so we teared up some tissue and stuck them into our ears. Then they openned the door. Right there in the basement where four people playing guitars and drums. Ear shattering music. Without the ear plugs one's eardrums could burst. I mean, they are like a band group complete with equipments, all musical instruments connected to the microphones and speakers. It was swell and all, it's just really loud it could explode the whole building. It was a great experience for me. I drunk wine cooler while the guys drank beer. There were three women there, including me and about five guys as the audience. There were four band players. There wasn't much conversation when the band was playing.It was impossible to hear what the other person is saying. So, we just conversed when the band took a break.Then, one of the people there suggested they play a DVD of the Reefer's Madness. It's a movie about the 1930's propaganda against the use of marijuana. I have never seen it, so I watched it a little bit. Some of the scenes are very funny. We just hang around, talked about stuff and listened to the loud banging with our ear plugged. It was fun. I enjoyed talking to Michelle on the upstairs where we could still hear the band playing. It was even better listenning from a distance. We watched "Day calm" on the background and talked a lot of stuff. I told her I have never seen snow and then she told me we should have a pact to drive to South Carolina one time to see snow. So, we shook hands. I don't know if I will ever meet her again, but there's the pact. She said, she's from Illinois and she grew up around snow in winter with thick jackets and all. It was normal up there since every year they have snow. Not like here in the South were everything closes if there's snow storm because it rarely snows and they don't have the equipments to clear the roads. We looked around the room we are in, there were some weird black carvings on the table on the counter top and one by the wall hanging like a bat with tails and all that. I was curious about how they call them, she said they are called "gargoyles". I associate these carvings to something dark or evil. But she said it's not really bad. And then she said that it's European.They are used as guardians in buildings. I noticed that in some movies where they have these weird deformed beasts hanging by the gutter or side of a building. I never really knew much about it. Perhaps later I'll find out more about it. But it seems that these gargoyles are the equivalent to the lion carvings used by chinese people. If you noticed a lot of Chinese people have lion heads or lion carvings by their doors and gates. I will find out more about these later. So, anyway, in that living room there's a deer head mounted just above the fireplace. We argued whether the eyes are real, so we went up close to it and it's marble, a big marble. He has a rooster and ducks on top of his dresser. Michelle thought that he must hunt. Out of nowhere a cat came out to the living room. But then it retreated back to the other room and never came out. We tried to let it out, but it just laid them staring us in the dark with it's gleaming eyes. We let the cat be and returned to our sit. We talked about Atlanta, the traffic there. I talked about New Orleans. J probably was wondering what I am doing upstairs, so he came and checked on me once in a while. By then it was time to go home, it was already two in the morning. I couldn't believe we were up that late. I wasn't that tired until we were driving back to Macon. Sleep seems to swallow me while I tried to stay awake. I gave in and slept. I didn't feel at all, it seems a quick drive when we got home. It was cold, all I wanted to do was to crawl into bed. I quickly put away the groceries and got into bed. Lights out Zzzzzzzzz.


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