What does the wrinkles on the face say?

During the holidays, J's friend R, who works in New York came over to our place and spent the evening with us. He's fun to talk to. We didn't have anything to do that evening so we thought of playing scrabble. We went over the rules of the game. Of course I was already very familiar with the game because I had been playing it as a kid, in highschool and even in college. At the end of the game I won. It's of course obviously not a game that they play so often. The next day R, headed back to his mom's place to prepare for his trip back to New York.

After a few days, J told me that R reffered to J as a "craddle snatcher". J said "she's 28!" reffering to me. R said "eventhough" and then, J went on saying "she looks young, does she?" And then R said "yes she does look young". They have been friends for a long time.So, both guys are comfortable with even jokes like that.

After hearing this I didn't know what to think at first. But as I think about it, many people can't figure out exactly my age when asked. One reason could be my size. But our age difference with my husband is just about 2 years even if I call him "old man" which is not nice of me. The funny thing is, when we were in my hometown, some people told me I look older than him. Of course I told them he's 2 years older.

Imagine my surprise when they showed a group photo at Ehpinoy, one girl commented that I look like fifteen. It's of course a complement whenever they say I look younger than my age. Especially that in reality I am really getting old. I remember J, on his 30th birthday. It was more of a dreadful day than a happy day for him. He believes that being 30 is no longer the same. It seems to him that it's a border line between youthfulness and old age. I kept saying to him that it doesn't matter to me. But now that I am about to reach that age, I am getting worried. I still have two good years but as if I didn't want to reach that age. It seems that things are hapenning so fast. It seems it was only yesterday!Gone are the days...........I can almost feel life slipping through my fingers. Oh well, I'll do the best I can.


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