Ti's the season to be jolly

"It's only during christmas season that we are allowed to eat stuff from our socks."

The holiday season isn't over yet. Have you seen what the scale say already? It's this season where most people would gain a few extra pounds just because it's the season of feasting and pigging out. I know, I'm also guilty of pigging out. It's just so hard to resist food when they are right there enticing us to take a bite. Food seems to be everywhere in abundance. I try to atleast walk but then some days the weather does not cooperate.It's just so easy to be lazy and just lounge around when it is freezing cold. I tried wearing my thick jacket, but then, my face freezes cold and it felt numb.It's also a fact that when it is cold, people tend to eat more to keep the body warm. So, it's really those who are very very strict in their diet can get through the season without gaining so much weight.

You know what something amazing hapenned this month. My sister-in-law jus had a baby girl.Her name is Lauren Elizabeth. Prior to her giving birth, I did wished she would deliver her baby on my birthday. It was of course just a silly thing to say. But you know what? She did deliver her baby on my very birthday. Her elder sister S, asked if I did some kind of voodoo that enabled her to deliver her baby on my birthday. And PJ said " Oh no, she's Catholic". It's funny, I was actually amazed that it hapenned. I guess I have to be careful what I wish, it might come true. Of course this thing could just be a mere coincidence.But whoever knows? But I do believe in miracles. A few days after her birth my sister-in-law sent us a greeting card that says "No more silent nights." Indeed, no more silent nights.

So, the new year is near. Time to check our list of things to be grateful about.


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