Once in a while I think of a very close friend of mine whom I haven't heard from a long time. I just keep wondering whats going on with her life that she doesn't call or write me anymore. She's probably all too busy with her life. I have sent her several e-mails and greeting cards but never heard from her since then. Maybe one of these days she'll surprise me with a letter or a phone call. At first it bothered me so much that she doesn't write or call. But then on the other hand I know that her job is very demanding. So, I try to let it slide. But as it goes farther, it seems that we are going apart. Simply fading. I mean, she must have met new circle of friends, may even found a new bestfriend. I should be happy for her. I understand that our distance have somehow brought us apart. But still I long for her to drop by once in a while and say "Hi". I guess, I miss the attention. I mean we had been very close friends for a very long time and all of a sudden everything went down the drain. I will of course cherish our friendship. I guess I should wish her the best in whatever she's doing and pursuing right now. We don't get together and share things anymore , so I don't know what's she's up to. She is a very sweet, loving and caring friend. Maybe that's why I miss her a lot now that we don't talk to each other anymore. We shared a lot of things in life. She has been a big inspiration for me all those years back in the days when I was single. We had lots of fun together. It's so hard to just throw everything out of the window. I remain optimistic that she might just be waiting for a day for her to return my letters and apologize for her long absence. Even if she's never gonna write or call, she'll still be a very good friend to remember.


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