Smile! Open your mouth wide....wider...widest

My mouth felt sore last night. I can almost taste the steel as I chew on my food. It didn't hurt when we went to eat at KFC with a bucketful of honey drenched barbeque chicken. It was too sweet to my taste. It wasn't my favorite. But I was able to use my mouth that they just poked and clawed and scraped with those steel thingy. You know what I mean. They even stuck this needle like thingy piercing my gums while I turn to the left, to the rightand forward and have my mouth wide open. And then when my mouth started to bubble up with blood they would stick this suction hose down my throat. I tried so hard not to think of the pain. I would literally command my brain to think of something, something to occupy my mind just not to think of those shining steel clawing and jabbing into my gums. Most of the job they did were not really that painful. It's just when they hit a sensitive part or a nerve that makes me clench my muscles to endure the pain. It was worst when they had to scrape the root canals for the first time. My whole face was numb from all the anesthesia but I could still feel the poking needles peircing and tearing up the tissues of my gums. I was over it of course then, they had me come for a monthly cleaning. It wasn't of course my idea.But I guess it's for my own good. It's courtesy of sis-in-law, she's the dentist, otherwise it would be very very expensive to go to the dentist every month. It would just drain out a lot of "mulah". I bet I have the cleanest teeth after hundreds of hosing and suctioning and poking and jabbing. But it also means that I have to really really do my part flossing and all that to keep my gums healthy. It's not fun going to the dentist but of course it's a healthy requirement. I never knew I even had problems with my gums until I set foot in the dentist office. I never felt anything really.No pain, no nothing. And I thought I had healthy teeth and gums. I didn't know they were already worms chewing down into my gums little by little, piece by piece. It just sneaked up on me. I recall I have not been very active in keeping my gums healthy but I did and do brush my teeth two to three time a day, but apparently it wasn't enough. Atleast now I feel confident that my gums are getting healthy and learned how to keep them that way. And I have a bright new smile.


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