A little unwell

How do you describe this state of the mind where everything seems to be streaming and flowing right there by your sight but you can't have words to describe what's hapenning? No, I'm not stun, not numb, not shocked, not paralyzed. Well, maybe I just don't care. Maybe I wasn't really looking, maybe I was just staring pass through things. I know my mind seems "see through" right now. Not hollow, but in a frozen state. Not frozen by the chilly weather. It just feels like I ran out of things to do and think and feel. Ok, maybe I'm just playing with words trying to impress you with some magical things going on around me. The truth is, there's nothing going on. Nothing exciting to talk or write about. I'm simply playing with my keyboard trying to see what words I will come up with.

Ok, now my mind seems working now. I was just watching all these shows on t.v. where they would go up to unsuspecting people and play joke on them and get caught by a hidden camera. It seems fun, especially the one where they get $20 dollars for every correct answers to a question. I don't like so much the one's where they scare people. I guess I worry that what if the person have a heart attack or do something that will injure them. And actually I have heard of some show people got sued by their victims. It seems it's all over the place. There's "Girls behaving wild, Fear tactic" and others I can't remember. Can't go anywhere without being "punked" by these people. They are doing it all over the place. Oh and there's another show "The man show" that has some outragious stunts. A twelve year old put to work selling beer on the street, hitting on women sunbathing by the beach. Some of the stunts are lame on some shows. Some are really funny. Some are outragious. Some are simply entertaining. Sometimes these shows makes me a little paranoid. What if I'm walking down the street and someone was just trying to make a conversation with me.And I would think "okey" and try to look around for hidden cameras.But of course I wouldn't see any because they are hidden. You know what I mean, you never know if they are just trying to prank you or not. But of course maybe it's just me. Maybe I just watch a lot of t.v. But hey, it could happen. They are pretty sneaky, one day they might get you.

Ok, there goes my senseless mumbling trying to talk t.v. I mean t.v. could be the best companion yout got. One day you can hear yourself talking to the t.v. You can even start yelling and scolding it like a real live person. Some people do that. I haven't been doing that yet even if I get so deranged and really crave for someone to talk to. The day I would start doing that, I might get very scared that I would think I really lost my mind.


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