Going Bananas

My attempt of making things from scratch didn't work out. First I tried to make loaf bread. It came out hard and salty. Next, I tried to make bread rolls. I followed the instructions correctly, but still they didn't come out well, but J says that's it's not that bad. They taste more like biscuits than rolls. My third attempt is a success. I just brought out the steaming hot banana bread out of the oven to cool off. Well, this time, I didn't make it from srcatch though. It came in a box.I just added oil, water and eggs. The next thing I want to make is pizza from scratch. J loves pizza. He could devour a whole pizza. He could even eat pizza for breakfast. In fact, he just ate a pizza just a few minutes away. Pizza is not really my favorite. I like the crust soft and newly baked. I often ask him why he likes pizza that much. He doesn't seem to have an answer. He would only say it's because they are gooey and cheesy. I like some pastries. I grew up eating different kinds of pastries just like the Filipino favorite morning tummy filler called "pan de sal".

I am not really a drunk. I mean I grew up sobber and even now that I am older, I don't really enjoy so much getting drunk. But J is a beer drinker. No matter how I argue about the long term effect of beer drinking - beer belly, he is just into beer drinking. He just does it ocassionally whenever he feels like partying. I just saw him got drunk once or twice and only if we are just partying at home. I do drown myself sometimes just for the heck of it. But booze isn't really my favorite. I just learned drinking spirits and alcohol when I got married because I was surrounded by people who drink. So I do it socially. I do drink moderately especially that J brings home a bottle of wine every now and then from his co-worker who does a wine tasting show on the radio. One or two glasses of wine before dinner time is I guess healthy, I have read it somewhere. Even beer actually is good for the heart when drunk moderately.

I started by drinking wine coolers then white wine. But I think red wines are better. I'm not really an expert when it comes to wine. I am just starting to get into it. It relaxes me at the end of the evening and even helps me to sleep especially those nights that I need to sleep early and wake up early.


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