Fireworks at dawn

New Year, New thoughts and hopefully new life.

It seems to me that the new year has this phenomenal effect on people including myself.It's the idea and hope that the new year brings new life. That life would be better at the end of the old year.It has this reformative effects on people. Have you thought of what you are gonna do after new year. Most people would have what they call "new years' resolution". They promise to do better, they promise to change.They promise to themselves to do better with some things. Of course the very common I heard is about loosing some weight. I think it's actually a good sign.Only if they keep them and stay faithful to their resolutions. Still, it's a start.

At the middle of the year people goes back to their old ways old habits and forget all about what they have promised for the new year. And would wait till the next new year to start all over again.

In anyway, I love the ambience of new year. It marks a new start, a new beginning. A new chance is given to each and everyone of us to prove ourselves, to do better, to change our old ways for the better.

I think it is great that we have new years to be able to renew our lives at the end of every year.


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