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Shopping! I love shopping. I can even be categorized as one of the sho-o-holics. It is even a sort of an outlet for me. I could spend hours browsing. I could shop till I drop dead. When I say I love shopping I am not a person who just buys things. I mean I love rummaging and canvassing around for better and great deals.I go around comparing prices. And when I buy it has to be a good deal. I guess it's typical for a girl like me who grew up in a country where haggling is the way of business. I sometimes refrain from shopping anywhere because I know I couldn't help browsing. J on the otherhand is the complete opposite. He dreads shopping. He might even be shop-o-phobic. He will squirm at the mention of mall or shopping. He will do anything to avoid shopping. Yesterday, we went to the grocery store in the afternoon about four. As soon as we pulled at the parking area, we noticed the entire parking lot crowded with cars. J almost screamed with shock of going in there with all these people. He then drove at the entrance to see what time they will be closing. Then he told me to go ahead and shop for some groceries while he goes home for about fifteen to thirty minutes then he could come pick me up. I guess I am more used to be in a throng of people. I have been in cities like in the Philippines where it's crowded and back in Hongkong where it's very very crowded you could even smell their breaths and body odor. It's not new to me. I even enjoy seeing people walking around. But of course in the US where most people spend time in their cars, some people tends to be stressed out in a crowded situations like J. He sometimes ruin my fun when we go shopping. Sometimes, I can't help getting mad at him. Yet he is very patient to accompany me and drives me around to shop. It just sucks that he loathes shopping. Somedays, I might meet a someone/friend whom I can share the pleasure of shopping.For the meantime, I should be thankfun for J for not allowing me to shop all the time, otherwise I would be broke everytime.

I used to think that new year's resolution is just crap or useless. I asked J what's his new year's resolution for this year and he simply said " to survive". Well, in a way it's a good one. To be able to survive the ordeals of everyday life till 2005. I also share this new year's resolution. If I am still alive and kicking at the end of the year, then it's a good sign I'm a survivor since everyday life can be bruttal sometimes. Of course a lot of things could happen between now and then.And I just hope good things happen while we are busy planning.

I just started including salads in our daily diet. May not be everyday but, I have started it. It is best when the vegetables are fresh and crisp. I had a friend when I was in New Orleans who was surprised that I eat raw vegetables. She's a Filipina, even if she had been in the Us for a while, she still doesn't like eating raw vegetables since most vegetables are cooked or half-cooked in the Filipino cuisine. I have learned that she doesn't eat raw vegetables when we went to get some sandwiches at a Subway. She ordered meatballs while I ordered turkey and bacon topped with lettuce,tomatoes,green peppers, onions, black olives with a dash of mustard and salt and black pepper. Then she commented that her co-workers are good at eating raw vegetables. It's not only now that eat salads but I didn't eat salads that much before. I only discovered that I love salads with vinaigrette dresssing. I even make my own dressing now. I use orange juice, lemon juice,olive oil, rice vinegar and salt and pepper. I just had a bowl earlier and it was yummy. Now I enjoy salads more than ever. Next time I could use some meat like chicken with my salads.

I just saw a woman passing by pulling about five dogs. I'm not sure if she's a dog trainer or she just owns them. But that's a lot of dogs. J, keeps asking me if we could get a dog or a cat. But I am hesitant about having pets around. Maybe I'm not so much a pet person. I have never had pets before. But I love the looks of cats, they are so cute. I have always loved plants though. But I might give it a try one day if we get a place that's spacey enough or if we ever settle in a place for a long time. Perhaps I just enjoy being carefree, no pets to starve if we go away for a while.


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