Holly Guacamole

I brought out my mat and spread it in our living room. I decided to take advantage of the free time that I have to do aerobics. My own style of earobics, free style. I don't think there's a set of exact rules to follow when it comes to earobics though. So, I started by shadow boxing and kicking trying to target different muscles of the body my torso,my legs and even the muscles of my back. I did it repeating same sequence and equal counts on my left and right body parts. I have a pair of 2 lbs.dumbbell that I use to lift and exercise the muscles of my arm and upper torso. I also tuned the t.v. to an exercise and fitness show which helped a lot in motivating me. I also did cycling using my mat. After a few minutes of repeating all these, I felt warm. My body doesn't feel the cold anymore. I went up and down the stairs while holding the dumbell. I felt motivated. I feel better after exercising especially that it's so hard to go out and walk in the freezing weather. I really feel good after exercising and gives me the motivation to do the chores I have postponed days ago. I could really bum out all day long, curl on the couch for hours watching soap opera or whatever is on until my neck literally aches. But when I exercise, I start to become alive and kicking. Anyway, I got things done now. And ready to snack.

What comes to mind when you think of avocados? Geez, some people never really think of it as a fruit or rather, they don't think of eating it like other fruits. The only thing that I can think of where they use avocado is on guacamole which is used as toppings for Mexican dishes. The other one I can think of is an avocado salad served in Japanese restaurants. But that's something you would know if you are into avocados. Not a lot of people would eat it like eating other fruits as snack or dessert. I don't know but there maybe some people who eats it like I do, especially if they are Filipinos. I enjoy eating avocados as dessert. I sprinkle it with powdered milk ans sugar of course already peeled then I cut them into cubes. Viola! it's yummy. A good source of vitamin E. Some beauty tips actually suggests mashing it and applying to the face. But for me, I would just eat it. I'm sure my skin benefits from it as well. My husband's friend once saw me with a bowl of avocados and he asked " Are you eating guacamole?" I said "No silly, just avocado." then I explained again that to a Filipino like me, it is considered a fruit and thus eaten as a fruit. Maybe not all Filipinos do, but I learned it growing up in a town in the Philippines where fruits are always abundant.


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