All in the suit you wear

I maybe a scrooge this christmas. Maybe it has something to do with me, being broke.It's just christmas can be so expensive.I loathe the fact that christmas means spending a lot. I managed to sneak in some gifts for my friends. I enjoy giving,don't get me wrong. I just hate being broke. I did hang my christmas festive decors all over the house. I even have a santa music box that sings whenever you touch it.I have used the same christmas tree for three years now.

Of course the most exciting part is getting gifts. Oh, did I tell you I get three gifts every year in the month of December. One for my birthday, one for our wedding anniversary and one for christmas. Isn't that exciting. I already got a digital camera for my birthday. Got a Timex alarm clock on my very birthday, although it was supposed to be a christmas gift. I got a lot of little gifts on the mail too. And what made it exciting is that they are unexpected. Well, who's not excited about getting gifts? I still have some surprises under the tree. I was instructed not to peek in any of them. But of course I'm gonna open all of them tomorrow. I am excited.

It's the eve of chritsmas and it feels like a very ordinary day. I don't have that glow that christmas usually brings.Infact, I totally bummed out today. Maybe not totally. I just started trying to plolish and sharpen my literary attempts, with the hope I could one day make use of it. Well,I am just a neophyte. It's just a hobby. I have always dreamed of writting something.

Anyhu, I miss the Pinoy (Filipino) christmas spirit. I remember we would make our own decors like "christmas lanterns and parol, it is a star-shaped lantern mostly hand made. I used to make a lot of chinese christmas lanterns made of crepe papers and silver shiny papers. Very similar to that roundchinese lanterns that the chinese people hang up during chinese new year. Now, I'm reminded of the chinese people to have this kamquat trees overflowing with fruits as their decoration during Chinese new year.They look like small calamansi trees, but just very short and have the fruits are yellow and lots of fruits.It's unbelievable how they could get these trees bear overflowing fruits. Definitely in the calamansi family. Anyhow, I used to pick some of the fruits and eat them when I was in Hongkong when nobody's looking. It taste sour like calamansi, except it's yellow in color not green. I thought it would be nice to have one of those trees as a christmas tree. Just can't get them anywhere here.

I wish Santa Claus is true. I haven't lost the kid in me, but isn't it so nice if there's really a Santa, a real Santa? Oh wait a minute, I think I have my own Santa and he's real. I can even have him all year round and even the years to come.

What about you, what have you got in your stockings?


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