"Life happens in a blink of an eye,so unexpected turns and surprises."

I remained unsettled after I talked to L. She's a girl from my hometown. She's older probably my sister's batch in highschool. I don't recall even talking to her when I was in highschool. But with the new technology we were able tokeep in touch and talk online. It was amazing how many people we could be able to reach out in this modern world of technological advancement.

She called me last night and told me her bitter-sweet life story in two hours of phone conversation. I know her in person, I have seen her when I was younger but I never really knew her, her life and whatever happenned to her since highschool. I asked her a lot of questions and she was able to share what happenned to her and how she ended up in South Korea, now married with a kid. It was a long journeyt for her. Full of struggles and frustrations.

It started when she went on vacation way back home from Taiwan where she worked for a year. A neighbor B, introduced her to this Korean guy named J. She thought it was mere an introduction. She went on her daily life not knowing that her life was about to change with false promises and false information. Well, B was already married to a Korean guy, named G. G, came home with J with false promises of putting up a business in the Philippines. All of that didn't happen of course when they got there. J, didn't even speak english. Naturally he didn't know what was going on. He didn't know that G, only used him to get money out of him. Of course this story was related to me, so I didn't really know the exact details of what happenned. But according to L, she just came home one day from Lg to find her granparents already agreed with her wedding to this Korean guy J. She agreed with all false hopes. I guess she somehow liked the guy or whatever happenned.Or she could have merely went with the flow. the guy didn't even speak english. But I still question why she allowed other people to just direct her life like that. Of course all of J's money were in G's and B's bank account number because he didn't have any then. Imagine he sold and gathered all his finances for that so called bussiness venture in the Philippines, but when he got there was none. So, it goes on, L and J got married in the Ifugao culture called "Imbango". So, after 8 long months they were able to fly back to Korea to start all over again from scratch. It was hard as L narrated to me. They ended up staying at her brother-in-law. Then they had a kid, life got even harder since she can't work until she spent two years in S Korea to be able for her to get permit to work.

Later on, she found out that her neighbor B, and her husband G, had been bringing Korean guys to our hometown while B goes out looking for a woman for that ceratin guy to marry. Later she found out that these guys have been paying G big amounts of money. Didn't know if they have known what that money was intended for, or agreed to paying him inorder for him to find a woman whom to marry. It's a scam! it's all bout money. Some of the women found out about it after a few months of marriage. And now, L of course full of frustrations and anger with these people. Even if her husband didn't pay anything, he spent money. It's a scam selling women to these Korean guys. B, goes looking for a girl,gets her photo and promises all nice and good things about life in Korea and lure them to meet these guys. It's really horrible. I know these people and I have seen them when I was home, I can't believe what they are doing to their own neighbor, to their fellow Filipinas.Of course what they are doing is considered human traficking. It's just a shame that some people believe them and become victims. And they do it in a very subtle way.Undetectable and of course some countries doesn't have laws against some of these abuse of other people.And so they keep getting away with it. But I bet, even if the laws doesn't get them, somehow they will pay the price they so deserve.

As L narrated her story, I could feel the frustrations and the rage within her. But of course I didn't really know deeply what really happenned and what's going on. I just listened to her side of the story. But somehow I could see the picture now. Of course I just stare in wonder and curiousity afetr we hang up the phone. It's just so weird hearing news from back home and they are all shocking. People have gone mad. People have gone greedy. People changed from what I used to know. I grew up in a very small town where people know each other. People know their neighbors. People hang out with their neighbors.So, naturally I know these people involved and it makes me feel sad.

As I write this, I'm still enraged and unsettled of what people could do to others in the name of money/greed.


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