I burried myself into the pages of the books.Transported to another place and time. Immersed myself and absorbed the intense emotions. Assume the roles of the characters of the story like I am actually right there within and part of the story.I soaked in myself, savoring every emotions,as the story unfolds. I try to taste the bitter-sweet ambience as it runs through my veins.Then I keep flipping the pages.Sometimes the images come to me vividly similar that of a dream, an imagination, but more real. I could almost touch and see things.Sometimes I am enthralled, charmed by the spirits of the characters as I follow the words that compose the story.Sometimes my heart skips wildly at the suspense of events.There's pain and tears. There's joy. There's deception and hearbreaks.There are twists and turns of events.There's death as well as new lives are being born.I flowed through the tides of emotions up and down. I learned lessons. Most of all I feel relief at the resolution of a plot. It is of course the climax that gives the reader relief and contentment. It's almost like a conquest. A queue to start another chapter, a new story as I close the book.


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