Short get away

We went on a short escape to the northern Georgia mountains. I mean me and J went to the Alpine Village in Helen Georgia.It was a romantic get away. It was our third wedding anniversary and we thought of going up to the mountains and see the splendor of the mountains.The view was panoramic and breathtaking as we went up the mountains. Life there was more slow-paced, compared to the bigger city we live. Stores and establishments were closed early. We wanted to try the Troll Tavern but they were closed when we got there. So, we ended up having dinner at the Sunset Tavern. The town was dead when we got there and it was like only 6:00 in the evening. When I say dead, I mean the town was already deserted. They seem to have closed down early, probably because it is off season and there were not a lot of people. The village is beautiful. It is located along the Blue Ridge Mountains.There are a lot of things to do, except we went up there when it got very cold. We went cruising around town that night and saw some drizzle of minute flakes of snow. Very tiny, almost not visible to the eye except under the light. We weren't lucky enough to see some snow. It got warm the next day, so definitely no snow. Although it snows in the northern part of Georgia, we didn't drive that far. Plus the weather was definitly cooler than the southern towns. We didn't stroll a lot because of the weather. It was too cold for me and since we are in the mountains we could feel the wind blowing too. The cold penetrating through our clothes that I have to add more clothes before we went hiking to the Anna Ruby Falls. At first I thought there were just tiny little water falls. I kept asking J if those little water falls were the one's we were supposed to see. Then at the end of the trail, I was amazed with the awesome view of the giant waterfalls. It was beautiful. White water rolling down the stairs of gigantic rocks and stones. There were two waterfalls. It looks beautiful at the foot of the waterfalls with its towering heights as you can hear the murmur of the water and from the view deck you could feel the mists as the water drops to the bottom. It was a breath-taking sight. I have never seen anything like that. Really spectacular! the trail leading to the falls is paved and along the way you could see some wooden stand with inscriptions on them describing some of the flora and fauna that grows in the Apalachian Mountains.Although, we didn't have any photos from the place, you could actually go on a photo tour. Two friendly people took our photos and agreed to send us through e-mail. Isn't that wonderful. We did bring our video cam, except J forgot to check if there's a tape in it. We only checked when we were about to use it. So, we just went and saved everything in our photographic brain. Although, we forgot our film, we did have a great time. We went up the trail some more past the waterfalls. I saw some deer hooves on the ground. It must be a clever deer because it followed the trails all the way. It was a 5 miles trails, so we decided to just turn around and go back. We sat by the observation decks some more and then we headed home. We saw a lot of farms on the way. Cattle farms, horses, ponnies and even ducks. I even went to a Pigl Wigly for the first time. I know, it's just a grocery store, but I have never been to one. I also went to Ingles for the first time.

I remember when I first saw this sign. I read it in my own language, in the Filipino langauge. And then I asked J, as we are passing by the place " J, why does it says Ing-gles?" and he said " Oh you mean Ingles?" So, I just laughed, and said "Oh". So, there you go. Just like when we were in New Orleans. We were passing by a bridge and it says "NO Airport". I inocently asked J "why does it say NO Airport, but I landed at an airport when I flew here?" I was just new to the place then. And then, he said "Oh, you mean New Orleans Airport?" I just burst into laughter. Just thinking of those silly and funny questions I ask.

Anyway, after our short get away, we headed home. It was a long and winding road back home. We got stuck in traffic when J decided to drive through downtown Atlanta. But we made it home. It felt weird being at home at first. Then life was back to normal again. Nobody missed us, as we didn't tell anybody we were going away.


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