I was standing when I felt something moving inside my pants. I looked and it was a long snake squirming. I was terrified, I couldn't move.I managed to get hold of the head of the snake and held it on my left hand as my right hand squeezed the head. I killed the snake.I saw the tongue squirted out, it looked flat like fish gills. But on my left leg there were tiny snakes attacking, peircing though my skin. Then they got into my legs, though my muscles and skin. I immediately squeezed them out.My left leg, it hurt. I felt a pang of pain.Then I openned my eyes, it was a dream, but I almost feel the pain on my left leg as I ran to the bathroom. It was almost physical. It took me a few minutes then I closed my eyes.

I was with my mom and my sister Florence. I cold see a bench and my mom's purse. My sister was calling me. We were supposed to leave for home. With her, is her friend. We started hiking, walking. I was left behind. I was holding an umbrella as the rain was pouring hard. Then a strong wind blew and broke my umbrella. then the rain stopped as we kept walking. There were mud puddles, the road was muddy.There were stone walls too. I was almost lost. But then I found my way back. We passed by a house. A woman was staring out the window with a phone on her ear. She stared at me. I just walked on by. Then I was talking to D, my cousin, Jason's brother. we chat as we walk. I couldn't remember what we talked about. Then there was a lady walking beside me. I had the feeling it was Vee. She was talking on a cellphone with some one else. I was just listening to her talking. Then something she said left me wondering. Only she said it in Ilocano, something like getting raped. I was just listening and wondering.She also complained about getting very sick and having fever. Then I openned my eyes. It was all a dream. It was twelve o'clock high noon. I woke up and came down to see J by the living room. I narrated my dreams and of course he gave me extra hugs and kisses and cuddles.


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