Images on the walls

I must have developed senseless paranoia from all my readings. I mean, I am getting terribly fearsome. Of course my fears are unfounded. I would hear a squeak or some humming sound and I get startled. Naturally I would run to the doors to check if they are locked and if not I would deadbolt all the doors. My fears must emanate from the books I read about crimes and all that. But it's also a safety precaution, don't you think so? To lock my doors at all times especially when I am alone and most especially at night. Okey, some nights when I go up to our bedroom and I seem to see some images in the corners of darkness. They even seem to be moving. Gosh, it's creepy. And I would convince myself it's just my imaginations. I would even turn on the lights just to convince myself they are just shadows and just a trick formed in my mind.I dread when J, doesn't turn on the night lights. I wanted to wake him up just to remind him, he turned off the night lights I just turned on because I know he doesn't turn them on despite my repeated reminders. But of course I didn't wake him up because he has to wake up early for work. I just then crept to bed avoiding anything that will cause any noise that would startle me or J who has long been in slumber. I could even hear him snorring sometimes. Some nights, sleep eludes me. I would sometimes toss and turn until I just knocked off myself to sleep. I would sometimes stare at the ceiling in frustration. I don't have any problem with insomnia, I would always find my secure and safe spot and then off to sleep.

Off to dreamland. I was under a santol tree with some friends. Then we started to try to get some of the santol fruits. I stood by the ground while my friend climbed up the tree. I saw a lot of those yellow fruits. But when she lowered the branch for me, there were about one or two and the rest were dried and old. We let go of the branch as we went back to our friend waiting. Then I saw a lot of the santol fruits under the tree. Then our other friend showed us a basket full of santol fruits.I was then satisfied at that moment. It's just one of those weird dreams.

But then yes, I miss those santol fruits we used to gather when I was younger. W would even climb the fruit trees of guava, star apples, pomelo, mandarin oranges. I know what you're thinking. Even if I am a girl, I used to be very good at climbing trees when I was younger. It's just because I grew up in a place where there are a lot of fruit trees and we just have to help ourselves in gathering the fruits. In my grandparents' yard alone there are a lot of fruit trees like mangoes.There are different varieties of mangoes. There are those that are very sour until they get ripe, there are those that are smaller and rounder. Me and my sisters like the green mangoes. We would eat them sour with salt. There were jackfruits, guyabano (I'm not sure about the english translation).There were pineapples, papaya, guavas, rattan fruit.The rattan vine itself is used as the main product for weaving and basketry. We even gnawed on sugarcanes when I was a kid. Just sucking sugar out of the canes.And of course the santol trees were all over the place.Sometimes the fruits go wasted if nobody picks them. My visits to my grandparents were exciting then. We would raid all the fruit trees we could find until and climb like little monkeys as we fill our bellies with nothing but fruits.Oh! we had so much fun.I could go on and on with my childhood stories, but I will just reserve the rest for my other stories.

Well, that was jus a piece of my fond childhood memories.So many things have changed especially the last time I visited home. I suddenly felt old.The young people I knew then were all grown up and some of the places I used to go have changed. Sometimes I miss home.


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