Confidence can either be expressed through words and/or body language. You could tell when a person wears one. A person's personality can be expressed through ones verbal langauge, gestures, and body language. Or you could simply see it through their face.

I have always admired feisty people. Not just the quarrelsome people, but people who refuses to be trammpled upon by others.I admire people with great confidence. Perhaps part of the reason is because I don't have enough of it myself. But i learn from people. I learned that keeping a confidence voice nad facial expression help boost the confidence within. A lot of times I get numb ans speechless when confronted about things. I fail to reason out or even say something and the bad feeling of not saying what I wanted to say eats me up. I learned that saying what is obvious always helps in establishing relationships with people, especially people we work with or people whom we interact everyday. Some people may not necessarily think in the same wavelength . Or that some people does not see the obvious until you actually point it out to them. Especially selfish people.Tthey always see it in their point of view or refuses to acknowledge other people's perspectives until other parties present their own thoughts/ideas. I actually learned this from a co-worker. She seems to be able to have smooth relationships with almost everybody because she explains herself clearly and she says the reasons for her actions.And I think it is a very good idea. People really misundertands our actions sometimes. And if we fail to tell them or communicate to them, it creates some conflict. For somebody who's quiet like me, I presume that people see the obvious or can read my mind, but that's not the case. Things might be obvious to me but not to other people. Of course learn when to say things, and when not to say things. It's something that one could actually muster this in everyday life by being aware of it. This is something that I haven't considered before. I admire people who has the ability to deal with people and I observe their techniques. And these are the things I noticed and learned.

It is just freezing cold outside. My toes can feel the cold that was able to snake into the living room through those tiny crevices by the windows and everywhere in the house.I just couldn't sleep, I'm just wide awake.I have slept till noon today. It feels so nice to snuggle and sleep in this cold weather.The weather can be so cruel in some parts of the country. Al though I have never seen snow, I think I just prefer to stay in places where it does not snow. My nose dry and peeling from the cold and flue. My hands and lips are cracked and dry.My body itch from the my back to my toe. My skin so dryI could almost see some scales like that of an alligator skin.It sucks!


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