Salivating monster

All I can think of is food,hmmmm. I had a big bowl of mussels earlier for lunch. But before that I had miso soup. The miso soup, I didn't like so much the broth, I must have poured too much salt. So I just slurrrrped the tofu sprinkled with "wakame"(Japanese term for seaweed) and green onions. I let J try some but he made that aweful look like he's eating something sour. He didn't like the texture of the tofu. I like tofu. I miss the tofu snack back in the Philippines called "taho". I think it's tofu with tapoica balls. Speaking of tapioca balls, I miss the "bubble tea" we used to get in New Orleans. It's a drink, very similar to that of smoothie. They use a lot of fruits and at the botom are tapioca balls or "sago" in Tagalog.

I just had to snack on the left over rice noodles which I made last night. It's basically flat rice noodles with "gai lan" chinese brocoli, with fried thin slices of marinated pork seasoned with soy sauce. I learned how to cook this dish when I was in Hongkong. When I saw the rice noodles and the "gai lan" in the Asian stores, I was hooked.

Let me tell you what I also was able to find on our trip to the International Farmers Market, I was able to find green mangoes (Indian Mangoes) which I have devoured the last few days. I also found "buko" or young coconut. I was able to drain a tall glass of buko juice. It was very refreshing. Cold buko juice is superb especially in summer when it's sweltering hot. I also bought pancit canton and pancit palabok.So, there's the Pinoy goods. I even saw some sugar canes freshly cut, but I didn't buy this time. We tried it before and J, finds it different, but he liked the sweet juice. We sucked and gnawed on them. I didn't know they also plant sugar canes here in the South.


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