Adrenalin Rush

Are you as nervous as I am when you go for a a job interview? I get very nervous, but I would do my best to fight it. You know it's just like having butterflies in your tummy. No matter how many interviews I go, I still have that adrenalin rush that would sometimes make me feel at lost during the interview. It's like my mind suddenly stopped working right there in the middle of the conversation when I needed it so badly. All of a sudden I feel like mute or suddenly the words coming out of my out of my mouth doesn't match what I am thinking. Or I end up saying the wrong word.Or something like my sense of thinking suddenly get out of wack.No matter how prepared I am or no matter what preparation I do, there seems to be some unexpected turns of discussion that surprises me. And at the end of the interview I feel limp, wondering if I said the right word or said too much. Just as the interview is over, the circulation of the brain resumes and then the right answers to the questions seems to be abundant by then, when I don't need them anymore. Sometimes, it's frustrating.By then, I would be relieved it's over, but sometimes not content of my answers to their questions. But feel good to be summoned for an interview. It means there's a chance for me. And the more I go for those interviews I feel better, calmer and am learning what to expect for the next interviews although I still feel a little nervous atleast it gets milder. I think I am very transparent that whatever is boiling within me would show up in my face. So, the more relax I am, I could actually better relate and be more confident with myself. Then, I would actually enjoy the interview better that it would feel just like chatting with someone else, except they would take note every word I say. Oh well, I guess I just keep practicing as the cliche goes "Practice makes perfect".Atleast I think I have improved a lot compared when I was new to the country. Still I have to work on it. I think that determination and motivation to perfect an endeavor it is also essential.


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