Creatures in between the worlds

Gargoyles.In architechture, they are waterspouts that drain water
from the parapet gutter. Originally the term referred only to the carved lions of classical cornices or to terra-cotta spouts, such as those found in the Roman structures at Pompeii. The word later became restricted mainly to the grotesque, carved spouts of the European Middle Ages.

Grotesque.In architecture and decorative art, fanciful mural or sculptural decoration involving mixed animal, human, and plant forms. The word is derived from the Italian grotteschi, referring to the grottoes in which these decorations were found c. 1500 during the excavation of Roman houses such as the Golden House of Nero.

No wonder I associated gargoyles with something dark, because it is a dark art. The ornamental stuff I saw in that place looked like a black bat with it's wings spread out but with a tail and dragon abdomen and snout. It was right by the side of the door. It looked creepy. Then on the coffee table was a plastic looking peice of ornament black green in color square in shape but on the side looks like a deformed bat with it's mouth wide open and teeth showing. On the counter tops, are similar artistic stuff, but ugly looking creatures. I think they are supposed to be mythical creatures something mutated into something odd from it's original form. Half human, half-animal or half-human half-plant, some deformed looking creature. It's creepy. Under the table was Anne Rice book. So, the guy who lives there (Stephen) seems to be into that kind of art or his interest seems to lean towards the grotesque and acoustics.


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