"Somewhere down the road....."
I know our roads will gonna cross, it doesn't really matter where.

Growing up, I have always wondered if I do really have a soulmate somewhere. It was a fancy thought. Perhaps it's something that I wanted to hold on. It's true I have met people. But the question always remains "How d I know if I found the ONE?". Could it be that there's really someone already whom we are meant to be with and that we only have to find them? Could it be that somewhere somehow, someone could be staring at the same star and wishing and wondering?
I think, it's this human need for love that pushes us to keep searching for that love. And i know in my heart that if we found it, we'll know that we have found it. It's almost like magic. I know I had had a lot of imaginations of what's gonna be my life when I grow old. Most of all I had had a lot of imaginations of whom shall I would share that life with. It was almost like a yearning that never faded away. A longing for that "special someone" to come along. I even wondered where will I meet this"someone".It was not like people come and go. I met a few people.

Ok, my thoughts were inspired by the movie "What Dreams May Come" It was a movie I enjoyed watching. It also talked about "life after death". It's about the great power of love and of soulmates. the beauty of art and great imagination. Most of all I loved all the panoramic background sceneries. they are works of art, magnificent!


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