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We went walking into the woods. There was a sign but we still tresspassed through the property and went through the woods. We have seen some walnuts they were old and rotten. We followed the stream all the way down until we found our way back home. Luckily nobody was around to give us a hrad time for tresspassing. We passed by a lake full of swans, that's about it and into the woods. It was much better walking through the woods rather than walking on the sidewalks on the streets with cars swooping. I didn't even feel like we had walked long. The weather was just so brutal but we did bundled up complete with ear muffs and gloves. I ended up sweating when we got home in a 30F temperature.

"To talk back or not to talk back?"
There's something in my culture that I still carry with me. It's called Smooth Interpersonal Relationship. I think that in the Filipino culture, we try hard to avoid conflict at all costs. I have always done that because I have grown up with this practice. I guess I do it too much that I get so abused a lot of times. I get tormented when I am not able to express my feelings especially bad feelings when somebody hurt me. Sure, there are times that it's better not to say anything, but there are times that we do need to speak up for ourselves and that's what I am trying to practice in my life now. To know when to speak up and to known when to keep quiet.


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