"A Day in a Life"

Ok, I'm drained out with words right now. Seems nothing comes out of my mouth, I'm just dried out just like my mouth last night when I had to breath through my mouth because my nose was all stuffy. I couldn't breath! Having colds sucks. It feels like my sinuses where blocked with some cork stuffed into my nose. I had to make hot and sour soup sprinkled with hot chilli peppers to clear our sinuses. I sneezed about every hour and what really sucks is when I can't sneeze. I feel I was about to sneeze and it just couldn't come out somehow. I feel this tickle within my nasal passages like tiny worms wriggling. I feel like shouting or screaming when it doesn't come out. Of course J has dismissed all my theories about complicating colds or flu by drinking cold drinks and going out without a jacket or getting wet under the rain would complicate or make the colds worst. That's just how I was taught when I was young, but of course people always drink cold drinks here so, it doesn't really matter. I can't prove it anyhow by any scientific researches, so it remains my theory. But what sems works is drinking "ginger tea" which we call it in Tagalog as "salabat". I believe it really has some healing powers when it comes to colds and flu. Of course there's the famous chicken soup.


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