words of the day: .....beyond,beyond where there's no end.

I know, I sometimes get away especially when I have all these negative vibes around me. I mean, I just didn't want to infect others with the negative feelings and emotions and words. Now, is that a good thing or not? I have learned that people should vent out and let the steam off thier chest inorder for them to feel better. I would do that sometimes but I guess I care about how people that reads my writtings. I mean, I'd rather write things that are good. I don't mean to be hypocrite of course. I know that life is full of both the opposite forces of negatives and the positives. I'd rather emphasize on the positive. I have noticed in one of the messageboards that I frequently visit about this guy's negative posts. I mean, all he talks is about his negative thoughts about himself and his self pity. It brings all the people down. The way I see it, negative thoughts and feelings are like diseases, they can be contagious. On the other hand, it could also help if we talk and share it to the right people.People that could listen and you know can help.Because as they say sorrows shared are half the sorrows but happiness shared to others are twice the happiness.Sometimes the best help one could get is simply to talk to yourself. I don't mean talking aloud to yourself like an insane person but take time to think. Sometimes a few minutes of quiet time is all you need. Works for me sometimes, even be able to do a lot of things when I'm left alone.
When I see, hear and watch about things going on around I often wonder if the wrath of heaven is at hand. Of course all I do is wander and wonder.


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