words of the day: "hoooot hoooooooooooot!"

I heard an owl hooting tonight because we cracked our windows to let the cool air in. But isnt that strange, an owl so close to our window? I am surprised there's even an owl in the woods close to the residences. I mean it's been the second night I heard the hooting. I remember my grand parents way back in the Philippines when I was a kid, telling me about hooting owls as bad omen. I guess they are just very superstitious. I was told that when we hear the owl hooting, whichever the direction the owl is facing the people living in that place dies. That's why I get the chills whenever I hear owls hooting.I mean because of what I heard growing up, I would associate owls with death. But now that I am grown up I come to think how would the hooting of owl affect one's life or death. I hope it doesn't really have anything to do with it because I have dismissed that weird superstition. I have seen different kinds of owls in a zoo and they actually look cute. But of course I never heard them hoot at day time.


Winter season is coming up and I'm sure everyone's trying to find ways to keep warm. I am not really sure if I like winters or not, but I sure enjoy slurpings soups during the cold season. In fact I just made up my own soup tonight. I found a can of chicken noodle soup in the cupboard, but I am not satisfied with just chicken and noodles. So what I did, I julliened some mushrooms into thinly slices, carrots and cabbage. I boiled a cup of water. When the water was boiling, I added the vegetables and the can of chicken noodle soup. I boiled it for five quick minutes and then added some dried red hot chilli peppers.And sprinkled with chopped scallions. It was very tasty and spicy. I love the mushroomy taste. Of course you could vary the kinds of vegetables you would like to add.

I look forward to doing "hot pot" or fondue in winter. It has always been a fun date with J preparing food for "hotpot" while snuggling up to keep warm. But mind you, winter time could mean a season for the fat to grow and multiply.So, watch out for those ugly suckers. I hope I would be braving the weather and go out and knock those fat away before they even try to multiply. It takes a lot of patience and determination to keep in shape.


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