words of the day:
"Habitual pigging out is a disease." (Quouted from the commentary on Macon Telegraph "Curing us with Food, the fattening of America.")

We often overeat,overindulge, overloaf. Glutony really is a disease spreading all over the place. Just today I have eaten a slice of pound cake, a slice of banana cake and a cheese cake bar.My! my! triple sin. Atleast I was responsible enough to get up and walk up to the convinient store to buy newspaper then went bike riding while waiting for my beef stew. I just read that exercise could actually help in boosting our memory. So, there's another inspiration for me to keep exercising aside from the fact that I am not growing any younger. I want to build some resistance to any old age pains, but be able to condition my body into the art of exercising. To make exercising habitual instead of aquiring habitual pigging out or just slouching on the couch. I don't want to wake up one day and can't move because I have grown ten times bigger and can't carry my weight anymore.Plus I believe in the metaphysical effects of exercise.


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