words of the day: "When you hear hooves, think of horses not zebras."

I have been trying to analyze this phrase in the entire evening. Well, it's a pretty smart idea though. It was Amy, the bartender who said it. She said her dad told her that. It started when Shy was talking about the fight she had with her boyfriend because someone, somebody called him at work and told him that she's been meeting with her ex-boyfriend. It's just sound so wierd to me that somebody would just spend so much time to be calling C at work unless they really have nothing to do. Well, I guess it means that when things are getting rough between a relationship, don't think of any outlandish thoughts. Concentrate on the situation and not think of something so far fetch reasons for the trouble. But when I think of Shy and C, they are still young and engaged.So there's still a posiibility that things may not work out. Shy is still in school. I think what I would advise young people to do is not to get comitted or seriously involve themselves yet in a relationship until later in life. I see a lot of very young people who got married at the age of 18 and had kids, some didnt have a long term marriage. Got married at 18 and got divorced at 21. It's just sad. I mean, 18, is a very young age to get marry. Soon things could change. When one is 18, it's the age of experimenting. There's so much things that people at 18 should be doing, atleast to how I look at it. I mean having a boyfriend is fine, but to be married at 18. It's just not right in my opinion. There's so much out there for these young people to pursue; education,career,anything of thier interest. To me, it's just the beginning of adult life. One would just be learning to be independent, learning to live on thier own. Even if I don't have any kids yet, I just wanted my kids be grow up before even thinking of getting married. When I look around what young kids today are doing, the more I get scared of having my own. But I guess it all depends how I would rear them.


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