words of the day:
There is no mistake so great
as that of always being right !!!
~My Fortune Cookie ~

I know I have been away too long. Sometimes i just get lazy. I know even if I have some ideas to write, I just get lazy.Or sometimes, I just have nothing to write. Sometimes I just wanted to think alone by myself. Take a day or days off from thinking out loud and just think in silence me and myself.Well, there are times of course that there are a lot of things going on, a lot of overwhelming feelings that no words can just describe them, so no use writting them down, otherwise it will just be plain blank. f I were a painter I could just paint them.

I'm wondering who could have missed me or my writtings. If there are, I'm sorry for the delay. I just took some days off from my log and got away from my keyboard for a few days. It's flattering to just think that there are invisible readers, even if there were none really. It's just to feed the brain to keep popping things to discuss or to talk about.That's something great about this virtual world we are in. One does not have to personally meet people to be able to voice out what's in the mind. With the modern technology people could be able to talk virtually to the rest of the world.

Do dreams really mean anything. This is a topic that has fascinated me for months now. I am a lucid dreamer myself and a lot of my dreams puzzles me.I wake up some mornings with weird feelings from my dreams. Sometimes my dreams are so vivid that I couln't tell if I was even asleep or awake. Some dreams turns out into nightmares, but those are just a few cases with me. Nightmares but not that too scary. Most of the time I enjoy my adventures into dreamland. From most of the dreams I have had, I could say that they are predictions of what is to happen. Mostly symbolic in nature. Some of course just resemble my mood/feelings the night before.
One of the places we have been to during the last few weeks was the MUSEUM OF AVIATION in Warner Robins, Georgia. One of the biggest museum of aviation in the world which houses a lot of the artifacts and aircrafts used during the World War II and other wars like the Korean, Vietnam and the Cold war. Actually J was born within the Robins Airforce Base.His dad was in the military and he spent a lot of his childhood days within the Airforce Bases. It is a spectacular view once you are above viewing all the aircrafts. It's even awesome to be able to stand next to these humungous aircrafts. I felt so tiny amongst these monstrous engines.Of course I took some pictures. And I will be adding some more later.
I love fall. When I went out this morning I felt the cool breeze, evident of the change in the season. I love it when it is so temparate, not too cold, not too hot. I had been wanting to go out to the mountains maybe, climb the mountains or go camping. Maybe we'll have the chance this fall. I love trail hiking, just wandering into the woods and actually experience nature first hand. Most of all I adore the mountains. It has it's magnificent powers over nature. It's this feeling of being at the peak overlooking everything else. This is what I seek in places to live. I love lakes, mountains, forests/woods, if possible a place where there are a lot of flora and fauna. Actually I am planning to put up a whole garden within and outside my home if we ever get a permanent one.I love plants, from vines to foliage to almost anything green and brown. I treat my plants like people would treat thier pets.I pamper them and takes very good care of them. Just the other day we just harvested two red ripe tomatoes from my tomato plants. There are still eleven others still green and growing. The lucky bamboos that was given to me as a gift on my birthday died, they turned brown. Now I bought three more and added to the remaining two left. One is a curled one. I also have another pot full of lucky bamboo in my dining area. I have had them since last year. They still look so robust and green. Perhaps I do have a green thumb. I am worried that some of my plants will not thrive in winter time. My aloe vera plants died last winter.They got frozen when I left them outside in the patio. I would have to keep myself from buying some more plants because of the change in weather. Perhaps I should just get some woody plants that could stand the weather.


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